It can really suck when you join an amazing rp group and everything is going perfectly. You have the perfect face claim, the plot for the group is brilliant, you have a ton of amazing sets saved up for future stories, but after writing your second story you're getting bored with what you have so far. So what do you do? You give up on the group. Don't worry, i do it too. Like all the time. Then what happens? 5 weeks or so after the group has died off you realize how bang'n the group was and you wish tat it could just start again, but it's too late. Well this group is here to solve that issue. a group where you you don't have to audition as one character but as a community. In this roleplay you will have many opportunities for many different stories while still remaining in the same group. You can use this group as an opportunity to create a world that is not only interesting and fun to write about, but a world that has parts of you in it too. All of these different territories that each member will own can have conflict within it's own government or between character within a house hold. You can also display conflict between two different territories, war for instance. Every week there will be a hosted event where a diplomat from each territory may attend to represent their territory and they may use this as an opportunity to boost the power of their territory. Think of this group as a mixture of every roleplay group you've ever been in. It ha elements of a socialite roleplay, fantasy roleplay, historical roleplay, and even kick-ass teenager roleplay. this group can be anything you mold it to be and that's the best part.
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"But we’re young, open flowers in the windy fields
of this war-torn world
And love, this city breathes the plague
of loving things more than their creators."
Greeting and welcome to, Stella Rudimenta. The only other planet in the solar system that not only harbors life, but also harbors human life similar to Earth. Though Earth humans assume they know everything they simply don't, we have managed to not only discover their existence many years before now but we have also managed to stay under the radar from any recognition. Our planet has protective barrier that resembles the appearance of a star, therefore our planet is named Stella Rudimenta, meaning star of rudiments. Though we live a solar system apart the Earth humans live lives that are very similar to our own.
Here in Stella Rudimenta we live civilized lives with culture, segregation, concepts, and government. The planet is split into 10 completely different territories. They are categorized by their cultures, traditions, people, and most importantly their natural element. On stella Rudimenta basic things like water, fire, earth, air, and spirit are turned into a trade in order to keep things as fair as possible. Think of it as a big game of rock paper scissors. There are two different kinds of territories. First their are the 5 dominant territories which consist of Ånimam (the capital of the living spirit), Aqua (the capital of the planet's water resource), Ignis (the capital of the planet's fire resource.), Terrae (the capital of the planet's earth resource), and Ventus (the capital of the planet's air resource.). Each of the five dominant territories have complete control over their resource and which territory may have a certain amount of access of it. For example, if two territories like Ånimam and Ignis are at war or a disagreement, then the ruler of Ånimam may decide to cut back on Ignis' amount of spirit they are traded monthly. Therefore the people of Ignis may experience changes like lack of creativity, lack of passion, and lack of enthusiasm. If the ruler of Ignis were to cut back the amount of fire resource traded with Ånimam then the territory may suffer from extreme darkness and lack of warmth causing the environment to constantly be freezing.
On Stella Rudimenta life is anyone's game. You have to play things smart and fair and do what's best for your territory so your people can survive. Because Stella Rudimenta is a planet all about fairness and equal opportunity each dominant territory has two boarder territories that is usually much smaller but stand between two dominant territories. The five boarder territories are Syreni, Fraxinus, Solumque, Arénam, and Vitam. These territories are usually used as mediators in the fact that they are the spawn of two different territories with different traits. they help to glue the whole planet together making life a little more enjoyable in hard times. But don't get me wrong, in every group there is a rotten apple. There will always be those boarder territories that are only out for themselves. They may use schemes that are obvious like encouraging a war between two territory's or they may be sneak enough to try and do something that manipulates their alliance with more than one dominant territory. 
I hope you enjoy your stay on Stella Rudimenta, where equality is always and never fair at the same time. ✰
"And now this land means less and less to me
without you breathing through its trees
At every turn the water runs away from me
and the halo disappears
and the hole when you’re not near"
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