hello (: so...I want to apologize bcause i have a few imagine requests and still didnt wrote any of them..:L and i really wanted to write one in the morning after my guitar lesson, but i took the wrong bus home (typical.) and then needed 2 more hours to get home lol. So i didnt have time to write since some friends came to visit us. They're still here if you wondered. Anyways i see if i can write a imagine now and hopefully no-one interrupts me (like my mother would do to tell me to get off the laptop ugh). Im very sorry babes :/ Oh and i was shopping yesterday, well not exactly shopping because i spent all my money, im not going to tell you how many because we all live in different places with different currency but it was not much, on Mc Donalds and then had no more money to buy clothes. It was hard to walk through the shops with no money. And as if they wanted to rub in in my face they had these awesome new collections I REALLY WANTED TO BUY BUT I HAD NOOOOOOOOO MONEY! anyways i hope youre not mad at me, I luff you bye xxxx
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