So on July 5th it's my birthday. (Technically it's the 4th AND 5th since I was born in Japan and the times are different. My family brags about it a lot) 

One big this that I want for my birthday is to get at least 1/4 of 5SOS wish me happy birthday. I'm going to DM them tomorrow so at least 'they can see it by the 5th'.

I'm really hoping that at least one of them will wish me happy birthday because that'll make my whole life. Seriously it will. #Forserious lol

So wish me luck and pray that I get a happy birthday from these amazing idiots. #5sos #5sosfam #5Sauce łłłł

ROn a different note, I am in love with reading those imagines with 5sos or MB or whoever on tumblr or wattpad or ML. They entertain me. So if you guys have any suggestions for me to read then drop them in the comments please. I wanna read em.
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