Designer Spotlight: TOMS

Beyond the classic slip-ons, TOMS are now available in a range of styles. From ballet flats to crochet slip-ons, from printed canvas wedges to high tops, there's something for everyone. Added bonus: TOMS will donate one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold.
How would you style these TOMS?


Wrote three years ago
toms is doing great things!

Wrote three years ago
I can't decide if I like them. For one thing, they look like something The Mummy would wear and also they have a bulky frumpy looking appearance. But I have a feeling they might be the next big thing much like Birkenstocks or Crocs. Ugly, but cool.

Wrote three years ago
I love TOMS they are the only shoes I wear, I've got about seven pairs :)

Wrote three years ago
Toms shoes are some of the worse things out there - and I'm not talking style or comfort. Purchasing a pair of Toms shoes only contributes to damaging the local economies that depend on sales for their own living and food. Basically, Toms are a problem because they're free handouts. Free handouts are only suitable for disaster relief NOT for solving the problems of developing countries. On top of it all, Toms poses as some sort of charity, which, in fact, they are not. They are engaging in a kind of "social entrepreneurship", which means that they get half the money of every purchase (since you're basically buying two pairs and receiving only one; they give away the 2nd pair). It's a business, and it's harmful.

Wrote three years ago
Toms is doing good things! Thanks Polyvore!

Wrote three years ago
thanks @polyvore-editorial and thank you too @irishrose1 , congrats for you too :))))

Wrote three years ago
wow @polyvore-editorial thank you so much for adding my set to this meaningful Tom's Editorial. I believe in his cause, so it was a pleasure for me to create a set with his products. Congrats to all here and to my dear friend @mrmarko xoxoxoxo


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