Chapter One: Dressed for Danger
Alexis POV:
I opened my eyes abruptly, sitting up to see what the intrusion was. Oh, it was just my mom. Birthday? Oh right of course! Today is my birthday! 
Wait how could I forget my birthday? 
“Hey momma goose” I smiled at her, knowing that tonight I had exciting plans. 
She brought over to my pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and a cup of coffee in my favourite pink mug. This was what we called the “birthday breakfast”. It’s kind of a tradition. She kissed me on the cheek and handed me a card. 
I took a sip of my coffee before opening the card, I was shocked to see lots of dollars fluttering out… fucking hell how much is there? My mom must have seen the confusion in my face as she started laughing. 
“There’s $1000 dollars sweetie. It’s not your present don’t worry, it’s so you can go out today to buy a new outfit. Evie and Kacie are coming over, I called them yesterday. You’re all going shopping. Just be back for 4, that’s when the hair stylist and make artists are coming. I’ve gotta run now babydoll, but I promise I’ll be here just before the party to see you. I love you” She gave me a big kiss and a hug before jetting off. I shouted “LOVE YOUTOO” to her as she click-clacked down the stairs in a pair of heels that she’ll only wear once.
Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Spoiled Brat”? Well yes, my family is very rich, and I guess I do get everything I want… but I’m not ungrateful for it! I always make sure we help out with charities and stuff; we don’t always spend it on materialistic things. But tonight is a really special night, I’m having a super sweet sixteen and I can’t wait! It’s being held at “Rumors” A new club that opened a couple weeks ago. I’m going to need to look HOT! Good job I had money to buy a new outfit. It’s 10 now, they’ll be coming at 11, shit I better get ready.
I scoffed down my pancakes and slurped down my coffee before jumping in the shower. I dried my hair as quick as I could when I got out; it’s really long so it takes some time to do-_-. I decided to just push it back in a sleek pony tail braided at the top, which meant I had to straighten some of the ends to make it really straight. I applied my makeup, a little black eyeliner and applied some lashes, I put on a light coral blush and finished it off with Sunday Riley Modern Lip colour in French Nude and a little clear gloss over that. I was still in my towel and it was 10:45, so I thought clothes might be a good idea. 
I walked into my wardrobe (yes, I also have a walk in wardrobe) and picked up the first outfit I thought looked cute, I didn’t need to bother with picking out top, bottoms, accessories and all that because they were all already put together, all I had to do was pick it out. The outfit I picked out looked like this:
I was ready by the time Evie and Kacie got here, they both looked beautiful as always, we greeted each other by screaming and giving big hugs:D I really do love my best-friends. They both handed me presents and I opened them excited. Kacie bought me a really pretty necklace, and Evie had bought me a silver charm bracelet. AWWWW THEY’RE THE GREATEST! 
I gave them both another huge hug before being interrupted by the car-horn of the cab waiting downstairs for us.
“C’mon losers, we’re going shopping” I giggled; we all started laughing then rushed downstairs to get in the cab.
The mall was only a couple minutes away, so we’d be there pretty soon.
These songs were playing while we made our way to the Cali-Mall:

Jason’s POV: 
 Damn, I’m so fucking bored… I’m gonna see what the guys are up too. I wanna have some fun. 
They arrived within seconds.
“What Jason?” Blake questioned.
“I’m bored, I wanna have some fun, what can we do today? Any ideas? Parties?”
“There’s a girl at my school having a sixteenth tonight? She invited our entire grade.” Riley suggested.
“A schoolie party? Really?” I grumbled raising my eyebrow. It sounded stupid.
“It’s g-gonna be pretty big, she’s the r-richest kid in school, it’s being held at a n-new club too.” Riley replied. He was 15, the youngest of us. He was obviously still scared of me. That’s what I liked though. I loved seeing stone cold fear in my victim’s eyes. Fear is kind of like an adrenaline rush for me… It makes me feel superior. Well I am Jason McCan, to be fair I am FUCKING AWESOME! But I got Riley’s back, he’s part of the crew. I decided to go easy on him.
“That sounds fucking lame, I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of little kids” Even though I was 18, they still seemed pretty young. 
“Why don’t we go to the mall, find some girls to… play with” Tristan smirked. He was the older brother of Riley, and he always had great ideas.
“Fuck yes. Let’s find some hot ones though;)”
“Well duh, we’re not gonna bring some ugly chick back are we?” Tristan said sarcastically. 
“Are we going now or what?” asked Blake impatiently.
“Yea, come on, and lay-low okay, we don’t wanna be recognised. Let’s go to Cali-Mall, we know where all the security cameras are there.”
We headed out the door and got in the black truck we had and made our way to the mall. We were there in a matter of minutes, and wasted no time in looking for our next unfortunate victims. 

Alexis POV:
So we arrived at the mall and we all got excited, well, we were teenage girls, what’s NOT to love about shopping? We first headed to Victoria’s Secret to buy some cute underwear, I wanted to look hot underneath as well, just in case;) 
I’m kidding.
I just love it when I’m wearing matching cute underwear. Hehe.
Evie and Kacie brought money too, so we’d all be buying our outfits. I picked out a hot pink lacy strapless bra and some leopard print undies with hot pink lace around the edges. Kacie picked out a black set and Evie picked out a lacy red set. We paid for our items then headed to the next store. This was the fun part- picking out the dress!! We went to a boutique that sells gorgeous –but expensive- dresses. They were worth the money though, they were absolutely stunning!
We all tried on a bunch of dresses before we each found the perfect one. 
After we were all satisfied we bought the precious dresses and left to buy the accessories and shoes! I love shoes… 

Jason’s POV:
“C’mon fuckers, let’s find us some hotties” I said racing in the mall. It was full of people, crowds and crowds of people. We all had snapbacks and hoodies on, so it was easy for our faces to be hidden on the cameras. We all entered the mall and started our hunt. 
There were no exceptional hot girls, the guys kept on pointing some out, but they were all just average… I wanted someone HOT. Someone who I looked at and make me go “holy fuck”. 
I looked over at Blake, he was acting weird and seemed totally entranced by something, I looked over in the direction he was staring at and wow. He had every right to be totally enticed. There stood the three hottest girls I’ve ever seen in my life, but one of them was exceptionally gorgeous, she had blonde hair and looked like a goddess… I knew at that moment she needed to be mine. I had to have her. I want her. 

Normal POV:
Jason’s mouth was gawped open; he hit Tristan on the chest dictating him to look over at the girls. 
“Sweet mother of baby Jesus” escaped from Tristan’s mouth.
“That’s Alexis, Kacie and the other one is Evie I think. They’re in my grade. She’s the one who’s having the party tonight.” Riley informed the crew. 
“And you didn’t think to tell us she’s freakin’ HOT!?” said Jason. “Those. Those are the girls we’re taking.” 
“Not right now though… tonight. Lil’ bro can get us into the party… we can have a little fun, a little partying… then we get the girls, take the money from the cashier… then BOOM;)” Tristan commented. He began to smirk darkly, thinking about the events that were going to happen. 
These boys were definitely going to give the girls a night they’d never forget.
Kacie had noticed the guys staring at them by now, she urged the other girls to look and they all started laughing then walked away. 
The boys returned to reality and set off back to base. They had big plans tonight, Jason had his mind set in getting his girl. Alexis didn’t know this yet, but she was already Jason’s. You see, Jason McCan wants Alexis… and what Jason wants, Jason gets.

Alexis POV: 
Now that we’re actually back at my home I’m so excited for tonight! Getting ready is like, the best part of a party. Well, kind of. I love how you can put music on, get in the mood and transform yourself to a prettier you. It just makes me feel really good about myself. I hope Evie feels good about herself tonight, she’s been having some issues lately:/ She’s beautiful; I wish she’d believe me when I tell her that. 
“I can’t wait to see what we all look like!” Kacie cheered with a big grin on her face.
“Me too!” me and Evie both said simultaneously, causing us all to engage in roaring laughter, yepp, we got a case of the giggles today! 
“Did you see those guys checkin’ us out today? I didn’t see their faces, but they looked pretty hot from afar;)” Evie smiled. She must feel smitten about getting some attention. She gets attention all the time, she’s asked out like, every week… she just doesn’t notice it. I’m glad she did today though. Although it’s meant to be ‘my night’ I want my girls to enjoy it as much as me… they’re practically my sisters. 
The makeup artists and hair stylists arrived and wasted no time making us look like a dazzling movie star at a red-carpet event. We each got ready in separate rooms and unveiled our looks to each other when we were finished. When we’d all done, we gave each other a text. 
“DONEEE!!! Ready?”-A
We walked out into the living room and we all seemed overwhelmed with how we looked! 
We spent like 10 minute throwing compliments to each other before looking in the huge mirror in the hall way to see what we looked like. This was the most beautiful I’ve ever felt, and the girls are the prettiest I’ve ever seen them! We’ll be turning some heads tonight;) 
We thanked the stylists and make-up artists and started squealing as we got into the limo to take us to my long awaited SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!
Normal POV:
The guys were ready for tonight. The girls were ready for tonight. They didn’t know it yet, but Alexis, Kacie and Evie weren’t dressed for the night of their dreams… all they were dressed for was danger. 
Alexis’s outfit:
Kacie’s outfit:
Evie’s outfit:

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