Usually Wisteria Lane was a quiet street but not the day before High school started for the teen residents. The sound of hair dryers, water running in the shower,screaming at younger siblings and jogging sneakers who belonged to girls who gained a few pounds over the summer-who want to loose the extra weight but this specific day there was a new sound,the sound of a moving van at the empty deserted house a certain someone was moving back in.

Gaby Perez was covering up the bruise under her left eye,her abusive sexual harassing step father left the night before,it's not like she was afraid to tell anyone but no one would believe her, she was voted the Little Miss Fair View five years in a row, has done a few modeling shoots and won over almost every heart at Fair View High even though she hasn't started attending yet.Gaby is the fourteen going fifteen year old Brunette Barbie but has a lot of heartache,her mother avoids her,her father lives somewhere in Oklahoma and being constantly abused by her step-father.While applying her lip gloss,she heard the sound of a moving truck, rushing over to her mirror she saw a familiar girl standing by the truck with a few Louise Vuitton Suite cases shouting at the driver.
"It can't be "she murmured.

 Not far of the street Lynette Carlton was bickering with her younger sister Lydia" Who gave you permission to take my Yankee's sweater!!"she shouted standing in the door of her Lydia's bedroom.
Lydia rolled her eyes"Puhlease,as if i would wear it, Matt was sleeping over last night and he needed something to wear"she said while filing her nails.
"AAARG"Lynette screamed rushing to her parent's bedroom."Don't go in" Laurel whispered, Laurel was the youngest but always the most collected of the three sisters.Lynette sighed,she could see from the small hole in the door her mother was passed out on the floor with a bottle of jasper&Tate.Lynette walked to the kitchen her father was away on a business trip,she had to raise her two sisters while her parents had"Better" things to do.Lydia was the thirteen year brat who had a new guy over every week,Laurel was the quiet book worm and Lynette was the studious tom boy.She grabbed a piece of last night's quiche out the fridge,walking out the door she saw a familiar girl"No WAY"she exclaimed as food fell out her awe stricken mouth.

Susan Meyer was practicing a few cheer leading moves outside,she was avoiding her mother's tongue technique with her latest boyfriend.Susan was going to her father's the weekend but she wished she could stay with her father permanently,but her mother refused utterly not because she loved Susan no..she wanted to spite her Ex-husband.Susan was her father's pride and joy, he would do anything for her.She texted her father earlier to pick her up and take her ice-skating.She turned around when she heard a sound of a moving van"OMG"she said as her hand went infront of her mouth when she saw the girl by the moving van.

Bree Miles sat patiently while reading a book as she waited for the timer to off,she was baking her famous cherry and Currant scones.Bree's mother was ironing a few skirts while her father drank his cup of espresso.Bree's family was the perfect preppy family everyone dreamed of but there were so many rules and regulations,it would drive anyone mad except Bree she would never complain, never argue and never do anything wrong but she wanted badly to break only one of the rules-The no dating until you're 18 rule-.Bree was madly inlove with the college student Rex,Rex was her bother Brendon's best friend and currently Bree's rival Katharine's boyfriend.Rex told Bree last spring that he was in love with her but she pretended not to feel the same way just because she didn't want to break a silly rule.The timer of the stove buzzed off but Bree was to busy gawking at the moving van to notice.

Reneè Stander got out the moving van,she gazed around with a smirk on her face.She was back in Wisteria Lane for Good,she lived here before but was very different she was the shy eight year old midget with the thick thighs and frizzy hair now she was taller,boobier and way more dangerous.After her mother's suicide she lived with her Aunt in London but now she is back and ready to turn this town upside down.

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