Christina Perri-The Lonely

Let's face it,I'm lonely.I have no one.No one to talk to. No one to laugh with.No one to smile to.I don't know why you guys bother even reading or following. it's Polyvore that keeps me going through the day. To come home to 115 awesome people,who follow me because someone actually likes my work ^-^

The thing is.I'm a miracle.I hope no one in school reads this. I'm ill,so I have to take medecine.To keep me going through each day. It's strong. it's supposed to 'help' me with my 'illness.' 

Except,it's too strong.I have to support it with alot of food. I've been telling the people in school,that I'm getting better,but I'm not.I'm getting worse. I just know they'll forget if I say I'm getting better,because they don't care.

If they did,they wouldn't have done those things. I've been skipping meals. My best friend doesn't eat lunch, but when I ask her if I can sit outside and eat my sandwich she says no because it's too cold. I'm not blaming her,it's understandable.

I do eat lunch though,but I skip my other meals. I'm too depressed. I don't want to eat with the people I do at lunch because she's always moody.thats why i ask my best friend,but she says no.

So I'm trying to make everyone forget me,in time. but i dont need to,they already have.i dunno if i should show my best friend this.maybe she'll think im stupid Y_Y

what do you think?
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