I sigh some, running my fingers through my hair as I try adjusting the colors on this picture again. I had been editing for hours now, and honestly I think I had reached that point where no matter what I did to the picture, I was going to hate it. Wonderful.

I roll up the sleeves of my cardigan, and resting my elbow on my desk, only so I can lean my cheek against my palm. I was getting frustrated with this picture. I probably just needed to take a break, right?

I save my progress and then forcefully shut my Macbook. I push away from my desk, and heading towards the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I quickly make myself a gin and tonic and then wander back to my room. I sit down on my bed, sipping my drink slowly. 

I reach over and grab my phone from my bedside table. I had left it in here while I was editing, since I knew for a fact that it would just end up being a distraction, but since I wasn't editing now, there was no harm in checking it.

I turn my phone back on, smiling when I see I have a message from Jasmine. Just her sending me a silly text about how something reminded her of me today. I quickly reply, putting my phone down.

It had been almost a month since I had been the photographer at some shoot that Jasmine just so happened to be modeling at. It was really nice rekindling my friendship with her. She was such an amazing girl, and it was such a shame I hadn't seen her again until now. I had a crush on her all those years ago, and I may or may not have fallen for her once again. But feelings aside, I was just really glad she and I had met up again. Literally since that day, we haven't gone a day without talking... and we've hung out a few more times since then...whether it was getting coffees, or watching a movie...we always had a good time, and nothing ever felt forced with her. 

Suddenly an idea comes to mind. I down the rest of my drink, reaching for my phone. I quickly dial Jasmine's number, listening as it rings. It soon goes to voicemail. 'Hey, this is Jasmine, please leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.'


"Hey, Jasmine... It's Leo. Are you doing anything today? If not... you should come over my place and hang out. I could even attempt to make us dinner or whatever." I pause, laughing some. "Uhm.. no need to call me back if you get this. Just come on over. I'll be here. You know my address. Hopefully see you soon." I say, smiling a bit as I hang up. I place my phone down next to me. I really hoped she would show up...

[sorry about the lame ending, buuut insert Jasmine here?]
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