Destiny said it, you got to get up and get it. Get mad independent and don't you ever forget it.

- Fifth Harmony

The seven other girls that are with Namina. They're all seasoned models. And they've all
known each other for a long while. I figured I would make the characters, give them names
and faces so it would be easier. And I mean, making these kinda things are always fun. I always
look for rp's where I can make insta's and collection and really get into it. You can play any of them
if you want, they're really just background character but I kinda think they're important.
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Wrote one month ago
oh and age wise, it's perfectly fine :) no need for changing, I like what they are c: makes it unique instead of making them all just like 17 or some shiz lol ya know what I mean?

Wrote one month ago
omg I love this collection and the vision/faceclaims of the other girls! ^.^ love all them and if you don't mind, I'm just going to casually like a few pics cx
and go ahead if you want to make one for yoongi and his minions! tbh I like doing stuff like collections/other small things for the rp's cause it's fun and it sort of makes you want to be into the rp if that makes sense? aha

Wrote one month ago
Oh, lemme know if you want me to change the ages.
I made to of them a little older.

Wrote one month ago
Might make one for Yoongi and his family or servants.
Which ever one XD


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