Name : Isabelle (Belle) Light
Age : 15
District : 4 Fishing
Ally: Micah Hale ( @ap-lever )



I was so excited for the training. The previous winners from my district told me that there were a lot of weapons and stuff to do and I could see it myself now. 

My stylist gave me a good fitting outfit. I wore black pants, a dark green shirt and some black boots. 

When it was time for the training I walked into the training center and was amazed by all the weapons. Every single weapon that I could think of was there. Bows, knives, axes everything. I wanted to start my training directly, but a woman-the head trainer- told us about things we should learn, what will be handy in the arena and similar stuff. I listened a little and when she was done I walked over to the sword fighting area. 

There was a trainer that got to battle with us, because we couldn't fight with the other tributes. I was the first one there and grabbed a small sword. When I was ready we started to battle. After a while he won, but not without difficult.

When I was ready to move on I walked over to the bow shooting. I just wanted to try it when a girl walked over to me ''Hi" she said. ''Hello" I said back and shoot the arrow and I hit the target. ''Which district are you from'' She asked. "I am from district four. You are from district two right?" I said and let down the bow. She nodded "You're good with the bow. I'm better with the knives myself." the girl said. ''Thank you'' I said surprised with a little smile on my face and gave her the bow. She shouted and hit the target to ''You are pretty good yourself!'' I said. She grinned back "If you want, maybe we could be allies?" she asked vaguely. I thought about it for a moment. She looks fit and she says she pretty good with knives so I nodded ''I'd love to''. ''Oh and my name is Isabelle, but you can cal me Belle''. "Nice to meet you Belle," I grin. "I'm Micah. I don't think you can really shorten that." she said and I grinned a little. 
"Do you want to show me your skills with a trident?" she asked me and my face lighted up 
-''I'd love to'' I said and looked around to find a trident. Just a few feet away I found one ''That way'' I said to Micah and grabbed the trident. I took a few steps back and looked at the dummy. I grabbed the trident tight and trowed it at the dummy. The trident hit the dummy right in the chest ''That went well'' I said with a little smile. We were done with the weapons and we headed to the survival stuff. We don't know much about that so it could be handy. We identified plants. She was much better than me. My highest score was 36% not very good.

The second day she learned me how to use knives and I learned her to use a trident and that went well. 


For the private session I wanted to show all the skills that I learn at the training. My mentor told be to show them how good I was with the sword and of course my trident. 

Soon in was my turn to show them what I got. I welcomed the game makers and started. I grabbed a sword and cut some dummy in half and out the sword back and grabbed a trident. I took a few steps back from one of the dummy's and trowed the trident at the dummy. I had hit it right in the middle of the neck. Proud of myself I walked back and noticed that I still had a minute to fill so I showed some of my fighting skills and before I knew it was time and I left.
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Wrote 4 years ago
I am going to finish the story later, but I have to go to school now @princessbrievel @ancalime5



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6th place in group contest: Who is still interested?

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