Hey guys! Danielle here, with my first tip set on this account! So excited! I'm going to share some of my secrets for making detailed nails. Like my nails right now are inspired by Mickey and Minnie mouse since i went to Disney last weekend. Anyways, here's some info!

✌ Supplies ✌

Okay, so for this you need a thin brush. Regular brushes are way to big to use for a thin line or dot. I use Kiss Nail Art Paint. It comes in a thin little bottle with a thin brush. I got it at walmart and it comes in packs of three. The dollar tree also sells knock-offs. Just look for the thinner bottles. *Most are labeled as nail art*
For studding/jeweling, you need your studs or jewels and a pair of tweezers.
The majority of the stuff used can be found in cheap places, like I have a pair of tweezers that I got at the dollar tree.

✌ How to make Paint details ✌

So after you have your thin brush, decide what to do. I would start off as simple as possible, like stripes or polka dots. 
Use a base color that matches the detail color you are planning on using. After the base color dries, you can now make the details!
Take your time while detailing. It takes a steady hand to make better details. But, if you do mess up (which I do all the time, don't worry), nail polish is removable!

✌ Practice Makes Perfect ✌

So I can basically guarantee that you won't be amazing on your first shot. This is not a bad thing! Everything takes practice.
One way you can practice is on yourself. Yes you're probably thinking "Danielle that's so obvious" but I'm stating the obvious anyways. :P
A way I use is by practicing on scrap paper before I do it on my nails. This ensures you can control the smaller brush. 
Friends can be massively helpful when it comes to practicing. Invite a friend over and do your nails together! Ask them to let you try doing details on their nails.

✌ Jewels and Studs ✌

Okay, I have only done this once and they weren't my nails. So don't kill me if this doesn't work out.
Anyway, this seems fairly simple as long as you have a steady hand. All you need is nail polish (again, stating the obvious), tweezers, and jewels/studs! (I keep stating obvious things don't I?)
Paint your nails a color that matches your jewels (an example is shown in the set). Before your nails dry, stick the stud/jewel to the nail. The wet polish kind of acts like a glue. *Warning: If the jewel comes off, the nail polish will chip off where the jewel is*
To make the placement of the jewel/stud easier, use a pair of tweezers to make it easier on yourself. This also gives you a little bit more control. 

✌ Removing studs/Jewels ✌

This is basically done the same way as when you remove regular nail polish. With nail polish remover! 
It isn't the easiest task to wipe down your nails when there is studs on them though. So, you have two options.
One: Pick off the jewels/studs yourself. It will most likely take a lot of time, but it may also allow you to reuse the studs.
Two: Get a little bowl that you don't use for food or buy a bowl just for this. Take the bowl and fill it with remover, kind of like how nail polish is removed in an actual salon. 
Definitely consider getting a bowl just for this because A: nail polish remover doesn't have a pleasant taste. And B: if it is a colored bowl, it may damage the color.

That's all I've got for you guys! If you have any questions, just comment below or message my main @baconlover001! I'll gladly help you guys as much as I can.

Hope it works well for you!
xo, Danielle

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