I walked silently into the small dirty room used for the regular afternoon detentions. Seeing I was the first one in i went and picked a seat at the back of the room where I hoped no one would see me. Five minutes passed and I began to worry that I was the only one who'd been assigned attention; it was hot and I was beginning to sweat. Startled I snapped my head up to see that Tara had smashed straight into the door and fallen over with a curt scream. Nicole followed her in and rolled her eyes at the seemingly high Tara. Nicole looked perfect as usual, stupid pops always looking perfect, her hair fell in gorgeous waterfalls around her face. Once seated Nicole got out her blackberry and began texts all her friends, Tara pulled out her laptop and Rain threw the door open silently and came in with a grace that looked dangerous. Rain looked around the room sighed and came to the back of the class, where i happened to be, and sat down beside me smiling and saying hi. I was hoping she'd wanna chat or something to make the time go by but instead she just put in her earphones.
After 15 long, boring minutes I felt like my head was going to explode. I began tapping out a beat on my table and actually got a kind of rock-ish beat going on. After 5 seconds or so I saw Rain watching me. She pulled out her headphones and began humming to the beat I was producing. Then Tara turned around and picking up her guitar played a melody that perfectly matched Rain's voice and my beat... before long Nicole turned around and asked if we were demented... that kinda killed the moment.
... to be continued
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