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Personally, real detox-s sound like hell to me. Kinda pointless. I think it's a good idea but has so many crap side effects- massive headaches, aches, vomiting etc. SO below I'm going to tip about a less rigid detox, a more enjoyable, delicious one :) It might be hard (depending on your normal routine), but it's healthy and you'll feel great :)

>>>>>>> f o o d
So let's start with food choices. Below is a list, choose one or more. Many will overlap, even if you don't choose that one. Try to stick to this for at least a week, preferably two. :)

+vegetarian (no meat, or includes fish)
+vegan (no animal products, don't worry about being uber strict, leaving out jams and jellies)
+raw diet (everything raw)
+all home cooked/home made

Now are some things that are your detox BFFS. Eat these as much as you can :)
+salad (w/o normal dressings. I haven't had these in years. Instead, make your own with vinegar, a tiny bit of mustard, lemon and salt and pepper)
+raw (or steamed) veggies
+juices & smoothies (not your normal juice/smoothie. Make it your own or go organic and with as little sugar as possible) try this
+whole grains

Basically, the thing about detoxs in terms of food are...
+HEALTHYhealthyhealthy (think raw, very little butter, salts, sugars, and fats)
+liquids (normal detoxs are often at least two weeks of only drinking, no eating. I dont suggest this because of crap side effects, but definantly drink more than usual and try to retain that afterwards)
+fresh (think kale, cucumbers, plums)

To find out HOW to pull this off...
+check out Whole Living
+google 'vegan/vegetarian/raw week/recipe'
+get books from the library
+do the shopping
+search for recipes
+realize it's NOT as hard/awful as it sounds. I love it :)
you'll be fine ^.^

>>>>>>> e x c e r c i s e
Excercise should be a part of this too. Excercise at least three times a week. Being outdoors is really good for you. Try some of the following and search polyvore for more:
+look here
+get Ballet Beautiful or NYC Ballet Workout dvds from the library (ballet inspired workouts, super good whether you're a dancer or not)
+ab/thigh/arm workouts

>>>>>>> m e n t a l
For a really great detox, don't only focus on your body. Also look inwards for a happier lifestyle :)

+find quotes that make you feel...
+start a quote book for all the lovely quotes you find
+make something
+don't compare/anytime you catch yourself comparing, tell yourself that you're beautiful and STOP
+get to know yourself. Try the qs here in fact, just use that whole tip.
+wear just what YOU want, what makes you feel gorgeous
+spend an afternoon doing what you want to do- watch reruns of a favorite show, paint, knit a pillow, collect rocks, write poetry...
+smile more
+hug someone once a day
+read something 'improving', nothing trashy or that makes you feel less than perfect. Try a classic (an old classic or a to be classic like The Fault in Our Stars) or something nonfiction, such as One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
+every single day, come up with at least three *different* things you're thankful for.
+look at the sky, look at trees, look at plants, look at birds- notice!

>>>>>>> m i s c m a i n t e n e n c e
+go to bed a half hour earlier
+get up earlier
+see a sunrise
+clean something- your room, your bathroom, your living room or kitchen, the mirrors, the windows...
+buy some plants (can't go wrong with succulents, make sure they get sun)
+adopt a seasonal scent. mine is coconut
+take time off the internet and tv
+have a rut? get out of it. try something new. fast the rut.
+not happy with your life? figure out why and c h a n g e it!

I really hope that helped?? xx


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