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Directions: answer the questions and then make another set call Devil Goats Make Me Happy. Then tag 20 more people.

A- ALBUM YOU LAST BOUGHT: Welp I don't really buy music *cough cough* I'mma pirate arrrr

B-BAND NAME: I don't really pay attention to who makes it, just how it sounds, but I have been listening to The Drums lately.

C-CELEB CRUSH: Eh...I don't really know anyone by name...


E- EARLIEST MUSIC MEMORY: Jumping on my bed singing Backstreet Boys into my hair brush. 

F-FAVORITE SONG ABOUT LOVE: Down by the Water by The Drums. That's going to be my wedding song. AH.

G- GUY BANDS OR GIRL BANDS: I like guy voices, but I don't necessarily care.

H- HAPPY SONG: DVNO by Justice

I-IN LOVE WITH ANY BAND RECENTLY: Fun., The Drums, Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men

K- KISSING SONG: You Make Me Feel by Archive. That's like really hot and heavy kissing.

L-LONGEST CONCERT: Well I've been to two. Hilary Duff way back when and Kelly Clarkson and the Fray a couple weeks ago. I'm just going to say Kelly/The Fray cause I barely remember Hilary Duff ha...

M-MUSIC STYLE: Indie, pop, rock, & electronic. I'm so hipster..I mean wut?

N-NUMBER OF CDS: I can thank my younger siblings for ruining them all.

O-ONE WISH: Well that's a bit broad. I guess to finally trust someone worth it. 


R-REASON TO SMILE: My kitty. Sheldon the devil.

S-SONG YOU LAST SANG: I sing every song I have so...I don't want to update this a thousand times while I'm writing this out. 

T-TIME YOU WOKE UP: 9:00 AM...Time I got out of bed...11:30


V- VEGETARIAN: I think I wanted to be for a bit but then I had a cheeseburger...

W-WORST GUILTY PLEASURE: I play little kid games on gamecube, because I can't handle other shooting games..

X-XRAYS YOU HAD: Mah arm, mah stomach, mah lungs, mah teeth, mah foot. I was an accident prone child.

Y- YEARS BEING AWESOME: Awesome since 1995. Or you could replace awesome with awkward. Either works

Z- ZOO ANIMAL: le tigers. rawr

Random Question:
Unicorn Name: Frizzy Ginger? WUT 

Dream Car: 1969 red fastback mustang with white racing stripes. whoaaa nelly.

Favorite Condiment: ketchup

Fruit gum or minty gum? minty minty minty

Crunchy or chewy chips ahoy? chewwwy.

Best video game? lego star wars. BADABOOM bebe

About me?
wearing- Blue polka dot skirt and peach lace collared blouse

necklaces- only the one my dad got me.

bracelets- 3 bracelets I made.
eyes- Blue

hair- Imma ginnnger

short or long hair- Longish? Definietly not short

nails- Well they were pale pink with an overlay of sparkles, but it's almost all gone now.

okay I'm tagging all of you wonderful folks now


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