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Wrote one year ago
I just realized I never put anything here! And my boy's going to get a lot more important really soon.
Special Agent William 'Will' Saunders, Interpol, age unknown
Will's been tracking Bijoux/the Jaguar for years, since her very first (on the radar of Interpol) heist in Sao Paulo in 2005. She's slipped through his fingers more than once, and she taunts him when they meet. He doesn't know her name, only her modus. And he better not get lured in or bad things will happen.
Ryan Gosling
too long?

Wrote one year ago
I know my girl isn't accepted yet, but I already know who I have in mind for her male interest.
Tucker Rhodes, 23
Tucker is the typical rich boy minus the fact that his family is one of the families that got ripped off by Bambi's father's ponzi scheme. He seems to find annoying Bambi a good way to pass his time.
Arthur Sales

Wrote one year ago
Francis Ford Perry, 37
Karlie's rich new husband, who she dazzled with her looks and personality. She cares for him not, but he's her ticket into the Hamptons inner-circle. Francis is a kind hearted man who wants to do anything to please his new darling high-maintinence wife.
Bradley Cooper
Issac Lewis, 25
Karlie's ex-manager, who is still reeling from her sudden leave of the indunstry. Issac and Karlie were involved, and enganged. Well, untill he found out she'd found a richer and higher-society man that was not her porn-manager. Issac is determined to bring Karlie back to New York with him, and back to the industry he feels she belongs.
Colton Haynes

Wrote one year ago
@katelle, @mia-love-you;
okiedokie! sounds interesting! i'll add him to the collection.

Wrote one year ago
Okay I have another one, but this one is open for anyone to take or use, I think @mia-loves-you has some plans.
Hamish Bennett, 21.
Mia's older brother. Is notorious for sleeping around and 'hanging out' with girls, but doesn't usually keep any around once he gets bored of them.
Simon Van Meervenne

Wrote one year ago
archer cross, 23.
new love interest from the hamptons.
liam hemsworth.

Wrote one year ago
Charles Banks
age 21
Georgiana and Charles have been on and off for years but is he wanting more
Model Chace Crawford

Wrote one year ago
Zane Neff, 17
Lucy's underage boy toy.
River Viiperi
Marcus Crist, 47
Lucy's husband. Mark is the only heir to a huge oil fortune. He's also the chief of staff at South Hampton Hospital
George Clooney

Wrote one year ago
Grant Miles, 22
Sav's best friend since forever. He isn't a big fan of the Hamptons lifestyle and disapproves of Sav getting wrapped up in it. He feels a need to protect her, which is only magnified by his sudden romantic feelings about her.
Daniel Sharman

Wrote one year ago
Dominic Edwards, 19
Resident rich pretty boy, he's never had to raise a finger or do anything difficult in his life. But despite this, he still believes he deserves the very best. He did grow up in South Hampton after all, why wouldn't he settle for anything less than the best?
Greg Nawrat

Wrote one year ago
Daniel Corey, 24
Ophelia met Daniel in England, during her time at Oxford. He was born to a wealthy family that has since lost all of their money. He however has made a name, and money for himself playing polo. While he and Ophelia have been good friends for quite a while, she has refused all of his romantic gestures towards her.
Sam Claflin

Wrote one year ago
Noah Levy, 26
Noah's a local Hampton mechanic and that's all Rita really knows about him. He's a friend and the closest thing Rita's ever had to a boyfriend. He seems to like Rita's lifestyle but there's something underneath that hard exterior.
(Adam Levine)

Wrote one year ago
Hyo Jae Hwa, 21
Meilin's rebelious boyfriend. He believes he's in an open relationship but Meilin doesn't approve of that.
Model: Noma Han
Taken by: @ingrid
Elijah 'Eli' Ellis, 25
Meilin's best friend who's in love with her. He fears that the feelings won't be reciprocated because he's not as daring as Hyo.
Model: Aidan Turner
Taken by: @ingrid

Wrote one year ago
model: francisco lachowski
name: Stuart Frohman
Age: 21
Stuart is notorious for being quite the player. He's infamous at Columbia for sleeping with girls with boyfriends, and from many many girls around the world. Other than that, he's classy and charming, no girl could resist him. It's hard to decode what his real intentions are, if he's being real or fake. He wears a mask, and no one really knows too much about him. Rumor has it he's related to Mr. Gatsby.
Taken by: @death-as-a-fetish


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