Devoted ANYTHING Trademark&2

This is our 7th DATA contest !! If your not familiar with this contest then please keep reading, if you know about the DATA contest, just click submit. The DATA contest is an Anything contest which has a duration of 2 weeks. You have the freedom to enter as many sets as you like. Once the 2 weeks have finished, Public voting opens and everyone chooses their DATA, But There is only 1 winner, and the DATA contests have proven to be the most popular contests in DA, so the only tip is to enter as much as you can, then you have a higher chance of winning. The winner gets their set put into the DA winners collection, a congratulations note from me and they get their name and link to their profile in the DA info for 2 months !! - Also a new prize now is having your set put into the DATA Hall of Fame !! - our previous DATA record was over 10500 entries, and only ONE can Win, ??Who will be the DATA(July-Sep)?? - This is the Official DATA™ Contest -

Created by fashionartlover. Created in Devoted_Fashion™. 9,676 sets from 140 members. Ended 6 years ago.