☪ Eskar, seventy-six.
Species: Dragon
Likes: order, dragon authority, revenge, Comonot
Biography: All dragons have a superior aloofness about them, but Eskar puts them all to shame. She is the undersecretary of the dragon embassy in Goredd and thus takes care of the well-being of every dragon in the city. She constantly harasses Lucian and Queen Lavonda for the prejudice that runs wild among many of the people in the city. In her mind, humans should revere dragons for their intellectual prowess that is not ‘ruined’ by the judgmental errors of emotions. It’s only logical to adore the creatures that cannot only take on two forms but have introduced many forms of technology to them. Without the dragons, electricity, cars, phones, internet, and complicated engineering could still be vast unknown possibilities. Additionally, she is baffled by social politeness. Starring, pointing, lack of curtsies, interrupting, and talking about people in front of them are only a few of her errors. Of course, she has never felt embarrassed for these issues, does not even see them as issues. Eskar does not tolerate any dragon (or human, when she has an opportunity to reprimand them with her commanding, flat voice) stepping out of line. And if they do, she can assure them that there is a proper form that will need to filled out and filed right away, thank you very much.
Model: Ruby Aldridge
Taken by: open
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