september | 23 | friday |
today, katty bowie decided she wanted us to meet a few of her co-workers, so she staged a party at the real school they shoot on after hours, down at the pool. so bring your swim suit, your favorite havianna flip flops, and that cute guy that lives down the street because it's gonna be a party.

I was late, I mean you are never really late to a party, but I was dreading going by myself. I had my Rosa Cha bikini on, it was the only one I had, and I loved it, I had spent a small fortune on it, but it was all so fucking worth it, it looked like a vision, and it fitted perfectly.
The bell ran and I groaned who the fuck rings a bell at 10pm. I ran to get the door, not bothering to cover up, I was only planning on wearing the trench coat to the party, taking a dress on my purse to come back home in.
I opened the door and the person there, was the one I least expected to see there.
“Mathias?” I asked, and then I realized I was half naked, and well he was a guy after all, a guy I had never given my address to.
“Hello? How come you are here?” I asked and he seemed to come out of the daze he was in.
“Im sorry what?” he asked still not coming back to earth entirely.
“Its not that im not… well, how come you are here?” I asked in a soft voice trying not to sound rude.
“I asked around” was his only answer. I smirked.
“why are you wearing a bikini in the middle of September?” he asked amused.
“Im going to a pool party, hosted by Katty Bowie, so I was going to get my trench on, and get going before you rang my doorbell” I explained, I still had to find my shoes, and bag to put all the crapp I was taking to the school with me.
“Are you inviting me?” he asked. Closing the door behind him, and following me around, as I looked for the left bootie.
“Not really, but you are more than welcome to come if you want to” I shrugged.
He shook his head. 
“why is it that you only treat me as a friend? You don’t date over 25?” he asked in a serious tone. He had to be fucking kidding me, he was every girls wet dream, and there he was asking those things. I walked over to where he was, and in a very fortunate turn of events he was right infront of the couch, I pushed him there and straddled him.
I leaned forward and kissed him, the scruff on his chin, was definitely amazing, and his lips, were surprisingly soft, he was one hell of a kisser, he sucked on my bottom lip and I had to suppress a moan, I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue inside. I had to pull back for air, and his lips, never left me, just went to my neck, I smirked, and I could feel him growing harder beneath me.
“I don’t want to date” I said looking right at him, he looked back at me. “I can’t date, I need to focus on me, my career for a while” I said kissing him lightly.
“I understand, but this, can be easy and casual, no feelings or strings attached” he said.
“that never works, but if you want we can take that road, im warning you though, im not girlfriend material, and im not looking for anything more than this” I said, and proved my point by moving a little, making him moan out loud.
“So im good to go to the party?” he asked amused.
“Probably, but we are already late” I smirked, and stood up, spotting my shoe under the coffee table.
“So they wont mind, you being late another hour” he said pulling me to the couch and pinning me under him.
“ I guess they wont” I smirked.
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