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willow is taking all her bridesmaids to go dress shopping. the girls {willow, gaga, monster, nightmare, torie, aria, bristol, adriana, miu, honey b, jolie, and bowie} are getting their dresses and the bridesmaids are getting jewel tones {aka dark colors such as deep purple, deep blue, etc.} have fun!!

"I can't handle this!" I mumbled, weaving through the traffic in the back on my taxi. I knew I was still ranting on the phone to Aria, but I needed to vent.

"Why are they even coming?" she asked, already at the dress shop with all the girls. I shook my head glaring out from behind my sunglasses.

"I don't have a clue....to annoy the bloody hell out of me!" I snapped, fishing my pack of cigarettes out and lighting one.

"Hey...hey...no smoking!" the driver called from the front seat. I lifted my head, pursing my lips.

"Hey...wanker...pay attention to the road, I'll do what I bloody want!" I replied, blowing a stream of smoke out at him. I could hear Aria chuckling, then answer something someone asked her.

"Ok...well just explain to them, that you have a busy schedule and they need to make arrangements to entertain themselves while you are working." Aria answered.

Of course that was the most logical thing, but she didn't know my parents. I just get a call from them yesterday, informing me that they were arriving today at noon.

I was already running late to the dress shop and now I had to stop by JFK first and make sure my parents found the way to their hotel first. I looked at my vintage watch again, noting how close I was calling it.

"Aria I have to go...I'm getting to the airport now. I'm sure I'll have to call in about ten minutes when they are already driving me barmy!" I whined, hanging up.

I put my cell phone in my bag, climbing out of the cab and tossing a fifty at the driver. He flipped me off driving away. I couldn't help but smile, that's why I loved New York.

I started to walk through the sliding doors, but stopped to take a swig from my flask. I knew I would need it. I waded through the crowds of people, finding their gate and sighing.

I heard them before I saw them. My mum's loud commanding voice, bossing my father around. I looked up, taking my sunglasses off and trying to smile.

"Ohh there she is...there's my little lamby." My mum called waving and arm and dragging my father towards me.

I opened my arms to hug them, on reflex. My mum stood back and shook her head, examining my outfit. I knew I should have dressed more appropriate for meeting them.

"Torie...what happened to all the lovely clothes I send you?" my mum asked, tsk-ing as she circled around. I fought to not roll my eyes and just stand there.

I thought to all the packages of gaudy packages that mum had sent me, stashed in my closet back in the Bronx. I merely smiled, hugging my father, who rolled his eyes too.

"Oh I was on my way to a dress fitting for a mate's wedding and I just tossed some threads on." I responded turning back to her. She gave me a skeptical look, but sighed and dropped it.

"Shall we get your bags...I'll make sure you get to your hotel, but I have to run after that." I said, walking quickly towards the luggage carousel.

"What do you mean, you have to run?" my mum asked. I knew she would, she hated not being in control.

"Yes mum I have to run, a good mate is getting married soon and I am in the wedding party. I have to help find dresses." I insisted, turning to stare blankly at her.

She drew in a big breath, crossing her arms over her stuffy Chanel suit. Father paused behind her, looking sympathetically at me. I sent him a small smile and stared my mother down.

"But we've just flown here to see you, the least you could do Torie is spend time with us." Mum snapped, reaching for her bags. She handed them off to father turning back to me.

I knew she expected me to waffle and do what she wanted, but I wasn't the same girl that had left London a few years back. I could stand up to her, I'd proven I didn't need her help with things.

"I'm sorry mum, but I can't do this to Willow. I promised and you raised me to stand by that." I replied with a sweet smile.

Mum shot me a look, but smiled tightly. Success! I hugged her, leading them out of the airport to hail a taxi.

I pulled my phone out dialing Gaga, it ran a few times, before she finally answered.

"Where are you hooker?" She giggled.

"I had to pick a few people up, but I am on my way in twenty. I'm already in the city. Tell Willow I'll be there." I laughed, hanging up. I closed my eyes, sitting between my parents.

Mum was bickering with Dad about what to do while they were here for a week. I stiffened up, but was thankful it was only for a week. As long as that didn't kill me.
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