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time to pack your bags... again. the fame crew is heading out to fiji! that's right. the camera crew will catch every minute as we fly out to the exotic island for the new mr. and mrs. russell brands' honey moon and they've kindly brought all of us along. today we are going to catch a flight on our way there and we'll be arriving at our little beach front villa early in the am.

I made my back towards my seat on unsteady feet. I really had no clue what had come over me. So I had drank a little more then I had planned last night, but my hangover seemed worse then ever.

"My poor baby...sit!" Gaga shouted as I finally neared our seats. Matty, her, and the others gave me all concerned looks as I snuggled down into the plush seat. My head was pounding as I cursed alcohol.

"Are you ok Torie?" Matty asked, handing me a blanket. I gave a stiff nod as my head banging in my head got worse. I could hear Basil making his way up the isle, asking everyone he passed if I was ok.

"God Torie...are you ok...I heard you'd gotten sick!" he rushed, kneeling next to my seat. I smiled at him, trying for humor as I drew in a breath.

"Yes...but I am beginning to think hangovers and long flights are a really horrid combination!" I mumbled, glaring at Gaga's empty martini glass. Even I could hear the shakiness of my voice, and knew no one would be convinced that I was fine. 

I blinked, slipping my sunglasses on, though it was already dark on the flight. Basil, reached out taking my hand and giving it a light squeeze. I smiled at him, mouthing that I was fine.

"You hardly drank last night though darling." Gaga reminded me. I shrugged, lifting my Vuitton tote up and rummaging for some aspirin. Basil nodded, agreeing with her, as I shot him an annoyed glance.

"I also drank on a very empty stomach and hardly got any sleep." I added. Basil chuckled, giving me a comical sorry face. I finally fished the bottle out and popped two in my mouth. I washed them down with water, leaning my head down on Gaga's shoulder this time.

"You're sure you are feeling better?" Basil asked, running a hand down my arm. I looked up, nodding and even forced a somewhat convincing 

"I'm Gaga will take care of me til we land...right?" I teased, showing everyone that I truly was ok. She laughed, smiling up at Basil.

"Then it is straight to bed with you when we arrive missy!" Gaga quipped, pushing my hair out of my face.

Basil nodded, slowly standing and heading back to his seat. I felt bad, but I really just wanted to rest and I knew he would constantly ask how I was the whole flight. Just the thought made my brain ache and my stomach roll.

I squished my face up, mustering a chuckle as my stomach experienced some of it's own turbulence. I frowned, forcing the sensation at bay. The only thing I hated more then hangovers was, retching as a result of one.

"Yes Mummy!" I teased lightly, lacing my fingers through hers. I felt myself getting sleepy, thankful that the aspirin was finally dulling the ache in my head. I closed my eyes, whispering a thank you to Gaga for taking such good care of me.
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