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willow is taking all her bridesmaids to go dress shopping. the girls {willow, gaga, monster, nightmare, torie, aria, bristol, adriana, miu, honey b, jolie, and bowie} are getting their dresses and the bridesmaids are getting jewel tones {aka dark colors such as deep purple, deep blue, etc.} have fun!!

I woke up with a start and shot up in the bed. I must have been dreaming, but as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, I couldn't remember what the dream was about. I looked over at Russell's side, but it was empty, the sheets cold from his absence. I slapped my face with my palm when I remembered that today was the dress shopping for my wedding. Russell must have already left to be with all the guys at the tailors getting their tuxes in order. 

I reached over to the night table to grab my phone to call Gaga, when I remembered, she was in the hospital. I checked my phone for the hospital's number. When I found it, I hit send, and asked the operator for Gaga's room. Of course, they insisted that Gaga wasn't there, which I'm sure was done in order to protect her. After insisting that I was Willow Furtado, the nurse still wouldn't put me through. I checked my phone once more, this time searching for Gaga's assistant's number. That ended up a disaster because her assistant wasn't even aware of the fact that Gaga was currently laying in a hospital bed right now. I sighed and decided I would just have to swing by the hospital myself on the way to the dress shop. 

I got ready and made my way across town. I found the nurse who I had tried to talk to earlier, and she apologized profusely when she recognized me. I told her not to worry about it, it was the right thing to do after all. She personally escorted me to Gaga's room. 

"Knock, knock, knock," I said as I rapped on the door lightly. 

"Hey!" Gaga said cheerily as I pushed open the door. 

"How are you feeling?" I asked as I crossed the room and sat at the foot of Gaga's Bed. 

"I'm ok, a minor concussion is what the doc keeps saying," Gaga shrugged. I leaned to put an arm around her. She continued, "They won't release me on my own, and I didn't want to bug anyone to come pick me up."

"If you didn't already have a concussion, I would so hit you upside the head right now Gaga!" I exclaimed. "You can ALWAYS call me, you're my best friend dumbass!" I resisted urges to push her, she was concussed after all. 

I signed for Gaga's release and helped her to my car. We drove together to the bridal shop, where everyone was already waiting for us. Monster glared at us from one of the couches; honestly I was surprised she had even shown up. 

Gaga was to be my made of honor and the rest of the gals were bridesmaids. I had the shop closed for the day so that we could do our shopping in peace. I instructed my friends at the bridal shop staff that they could pick any dress, any style as long as it was dark and long. Luckily the shop owner had tons of deep plums, rich wines, and decadent teals on call for the occasion. I smiled widely when I saw the elegant selections for my bridesmaids. I stuck to Gaga for most of the shopping, She was my maid of honor after all and I had a special interest in her dress. 

The shop owner offered me a cappuccino and I happily accepted. I took one for Gaga as well and set it aside for her while she was in the dressing room. Monster entered the dressing area with her arms covered in dresses. I smiled tentatively at her as she looked for a room to change in. 

"I'm glad you're here, Monster," I said. 

She returned the smile and set up the dresses in her room before coming out back out. 

"Yeah, I hope you appreciate this, because I'm having an incredibly difficult time being here with her," Monster said as she cocked her head in the direction of Gaga's room. Her comment took me back a bit. 

"Of course I appreciate it that all my friends are here with me today, but-" 

Gaga stormed out of her room then, with a dress still down by her waist and her bra exposed. "Stop being so fucking selfish, Monster," Gaga exploded. 

Monster balled her hands into fists and her cheeks began to flush. "Selfish? Me, selfish? You better be careful sister, before you end up in the hospital again," Monster finished with a smirk. 

Gaga picked up the skirt of her dress and stomped towards us. "Monster, whatever this is, today is not the time, and this is not the place to discuss it! This is Willow's day and we are here for her. She has always been a good friend, and she does appreciate us, but your rude behavior is ruining this moment!" 

I walked up to Gaga and put my hands on her shoulders to try to calm her down. Monster stormed out of the dressing area then with a deadly glare in our direction. Nightmare tried to stop her, but Monster brushed her off. I turned around to see all of the girls standing behind us, obviously watching the scene unfold. I smiled, but I felt near tears. I dropped my hands from Gaga. "That dress is really great," I said pointing to the fabric that sat at Gaga's waist before choking back a sob. "Excuse me," I ran from the dressing area and found a bathroom as quickly as I could. 
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