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the prime minister of france is throwing a large ball in toulouse and lucky for us, we have scored invitations. pack out the ballgowns and find your curling irons because the ballroom will be packed with the best of the best of france, meaning polititions and big celebrities. it'll be a night to remember.

Gaga called me to let me know about the last minute invitations to the ball thrown by the Prime Minister of France. 

"Really?" I asked in surprise as I looked over nonchalantly towards my suitcase. Did I even have anything suitable for a ball? 

"Yeah, how exciting?" Gaga continued. I only half heard her because I was already concerned with what I was going to wear to the ball. 

"Totally....So Russell and I will meet you and Matty in the downstairs lobby so we can ride together?" I asked already riffling through my clothes to look for proper attire. 

"Um...Sure," Gaga said. I sensed some awkwardness on the other end of the phone line then. I grabbed the phone and propped it on my ear so I could hear better. 

"What? Just spill it.." I said. Gaga protested, but I could tell something was up. 

Finally she broke the silence. "Well..Michael is here too and he'll be joining us..." She trailed off again. 

This was definite news to me. I had no idea Michael was in France, much less in our hotel hanging out with Gaga and Matty. 

I chose my words carefully. "Are you sure that Michael's presence won't disrupt what you got going on right now?"

Apparently, they weren't careful enough because Gaga's breath sharpened and she nearly spat back, "What exactly do I have going on right now, Willow? God, I do have self control, I can be just friends with someone, I can be just friends with Michael!!" Gaga nearly exploded over the phone. 

"Gaga, I didn't suggest that you and Michael are more than friends...I was only curious about how Matty feels about the whole situation. You guys are newly weds and he knows your past history with Michael." I said calmly. 

"Matty is fine with it. It's not really any of your business anyway..." Gaga answered. I nearly choked. Had she really forgotten who had been there for her when all that shit had hit the fan? Apparently she had. 

"Ok," I nearly whispered back. "I'm going to start getting ready for the ball. Do you still want to meet downstairs?" 

"I don't know," I heard Gaga tapping her nails against a wooden surface. "I'll let you know when I figure it out."

I answered with an ok, and we clicked. 

Russell had already returned from the gym, and he was sitting in one of the side chairs with a concerned look on his face. I explained to him the misunderstanding with Gaga as I sat oh his lap. He caressed my back and I rested my head on his shoulder. 

"Well do you want to go? We don't have to if you don't want to." Russell asked. 

I sighed. "I still want to go." I hugged Russell again and got up to get ready. 

A few hours later, Russell and I were ready to go and were lounging around on the couch, flipping through the channels on the tv. My cell rang, and as I got up to get it, I predicted it would be Gaga. It was, and she had decided that we would ride together after all. 

The car ride was a silent one, the 5 of us sitting in the back of the limo sipping on champagne. I wondered what the rest of the night would bring us, and if Gaga would ever understand where I was coming from. I squeezed Russell's hand as we entered the ballroom and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. At least everything was absolutely perfect between us, for now. 
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