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I am just so uninspired with RP sets xD Sorry!!! 

Name: Go Woori
Age: 16
Most talented in: ballet (and rap)
Background information: Woori was born in Seoul but spent her childhood in Russia...actually she didn't have childhood, she spent all of her time in ballet school with the strictest instructors. She also had strict diet, strict schedule, strict life. And a strict mother who was one of the most famous ballet dancer and also an alumni in Kirin High.

So one year ago when Woori moved back to Korea she promised to go to Kirin High. And of course her audition went well because she was not only one of the best ballet dancer but is a daughter of Nam Eun Yi.

Now she lives with her aunt and her family. They are really kind and nothing like her own family. All of them are funny and open-minded, there are no strict rules to her and finally she can feel some love toward her.

But in school she can't open herself even she tries really hard. She is cold with the others and not friendly at all. Its just too new that somebody wants to be her friend and talk about not only just ballet classes.

Since she lives in Seoul she found a new passion...rapping. Her cousin Seunghyun - better known as T.O.P - is a great rapper and she always listen him secretly and try to imitate what he does.

Narrator POV

Woori came out from the practice room after the class finished and headed to her locker. She put in her training clothes then walked in the canteen. It was lunch time which meant she has to meet with a lot of other student. She picked up a tray and stood in the queue. When she saw the meals she was hesitated. Woori still cared about her eating without noticing it.

- The bibimbab is really delicious! I really recommend it!

Woori turned around and saw the short girl with blond hair from ballet classes. She was Hyoyeon, she remembered at her because secretly she admired Hyoyeon because she was friendly, she has lot of friends and she does what she wants.

- Thanks - Woori nodded and put the plate on her tray then quickly moved away. She looked around and find the canteen really crowded. She was not sure where she should sit down because she didn't have any friend or at least someone who wanted to sit with her.

She spotted the only empty table - the almost empty one - because there was sitting one boy. The boy who was always alone with his notebook and headphones. He was really similar as Woori in some way.

Just as she decided to sit down at that table Hyoyeon and her friends were faster.

- Hyoyeon-ah? Why do you always sit with this boy? - Sunny asked her quietly.
- Because he is cute and I like to listen his humming. Its quite relaxing - she smiled widely. - Daesung oppa! - she turned to him. - Annyeong!

Instead of greeting back the boy just nodded his head and hid his face more behind his hood. He didn't want to show his face which was bright red. He always blushed when Hyoyeon talked to him or was around him. She was just too nice and beautiful.

- Woori-ah! Come here! - Hyoyeon waved to the lost girl and pointed at the last empty spot. 

Woori slowly headed to there but she stopped when someone took that place.

- Yah! Hyuk Jae! Go to hell! - Hyoyeon tried to push the boy away.
- My name is Eunhyuk, blondie! - he responded.
- Look who is talking - she laughed into his face. 
- Shortie - he continued.
- At least I admit it and don't put a bunch of insole in my shoes! - Hyoyeon laughed and her friends giggled with her. They were not as brave as her to laugh loudly. 
- Crazy girl - Eunhyuk murmured as he stood up and walked away.

Idk...boring :D 
By the way I realized that there are too many characters to collaborate easily :/ I can't even use all of my character in one story xD
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