Happy early birthday, @karineminzonwilson - If i don't get this out now, I may never do it. I wish you all the best, beautiful! xoxo

I have a feeling that this set is going to be the last one until the end of summer. I will be gone for 2 months, so behave yourself when I'm gone, ok? Please do check vendors before you make sets. There are companies that are specialised in creating counterfeit (fake) goods, and they're now all over polyvore because either they ask people to make sets for them or through sponsored group contests. Please please I don't want to come back in 2 months to find Polyvore had been pulled out because of this. Promoting counterfeit products could find polyvore in sticky situations. So Please. Check them out first. Don't get blinded by prizes. 

See you in 2 months! I will still be able to reply to messages, but will practically be inactive from Polyvore for 2 months. Have a fantastic summer, I know I will!! xoxo

EDIT: Turns out I can still like some sets (limited) from my mobile so when I miss you all i will just do that. What I cannot do is responding to comments. Tagging through mobile is a nightmare.. 

Song: Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside.
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