diana kennedy-parker {PPA}

Diana Kennedy-Parker, 17
Likes- skirts and dresses, having fun, succeeding, and hard work
Dislikes- discrimination, immaturity, ignorance, and the color orange
Bio- Diana is beautiful, captivating, and powerful. With her platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes, this girl is the iconic American beauty, and she knows it. Diana grew up on Pennsylvania Avenue with her father, a senator, and her mother, the nation’s attorney general and prized daughter of the Kennedy clan. What does this make her? An ambitious, ruthless force to be reckoned with. When Diana wants something, she gets it. Her daddy doesn’t hand her everything on a silver platter, though. Everything Diana has, she worked for. One thing this girl isn’t is lazy. Diana can be the biggest bitchh you’ve ever met if you get in the way of her dreams, but otherwise she’s really easy to get along with. She has a politician’s charm and easily wins people over because of it. Diana is manipulative and cunning, but loyal if she comes to trust you. Trust doesn’t come easily for her, though, being a politician’s daughter, which is why her best friend Lacey is the only one she’s truly herself around. Guys swarm to Diana like flies, but she is extremely selective. She’s had more relationships than anyone can count, but she’s not much of a one-night-stand girl. She finds it hard to get into committed relationships because of her trust issues, but once she does get into one she'll be deeply committed. If you want to become a force in America’s capitol, Diana is the girl you should both revere and fear.
Model- Ginta Lapina
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