Did I adequately answer your condescending question?

JOB; publicity agent / former child prodigy / enigma
HOMETOWN; Rome, Italy
BIRTHDAY; May Twenty-first
BIO; 'I am not a normal human being. I am the person you want and the person you need. Do not dare to reject me.' So began the letter of Callista Catasterismi to Mark Zuckerberg, scrawled on a diner napkin. The napkin was shoved under Zuck's keyboard and his hard drive was emptied. He called the number on the napkin immediately.
Callista appeared out of nowhere weeks later, and requested an immediate audience with Mark Zuckerberg. Forty minutes later, he announced her new position as second-in-command of publicity. That day she didn't speak a word. It was revealed she simply hated everyone. Her sudden appearance and peculiar mannerisms have made her high rank job (an affair with Zuckerberg? Blackmail? Worse?) the cause of much speculation. Particularly due to her hatred of socialization in a job where socialization is key.
MODEL; Nastya Kusakina
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