Okay guys, before i write my lbm story, i'd like to tell you a real life story of mine.
so, last night i'm asleep in my lovely comfy double bed. my brother conor is out with his friends. so at around six o' clock i notice a man sitting on the side of my bed. i assume its my dad but i'm still half asleep. when i wake up and come to my senses, i notice that the person that is wearing noting but boxer shorts is not my dad. i stare at him for a few minutes. he keeps closing his eyes but opening them now and then.
'what the fuck?' is all i can come out with but he doesn't respond. its like he doesn't notice me. i think he's a sleepwalker but i can see he's not asleep.
'hello?' i say waving my hands but he ignores me. it looks like he's actually trying to go to sleep sitting up on the edge of my bed. 
'are you awake?' i shout whisper now.
'ya, you brother told me to sleep in here.' he says gruffly. i lie unbelievably.
'get out of my bed!'
'i'm not in your bed, i'm on your bed.'
i can't believe that my brother told his friend to sleep on my bed while i'm still in it.
this boy is unbelievable. he wonted budge.
'who are you?'
just so you guys know, this actually happened this morning, i'm not making this shit up!
'go home, go sleep in the other room or on the couch, not in my bed!'
'ya but this is a double bed, i'm not in it i'n on it.'
the boy then proceeds to lie down with his head to the end of the bed, his feet by my pillow. he stays above the duvet. i am too tired to debat it so i just roll over to the other side and fail to go back to sleep.
about an hour later he sits up and holds his hand out to my face. i'm not sure if its a wave or a high five or what but i wave back.
'go home, or something.' i say.
'but who?' he asks. i honestly haven't got a clue what he's talking about now but he finally leaves. he walks around the landing confusedly before getting a bag and heading into my brothers room for a few minutes. i can't hear what they're saying but i hear him go down stairs then.
so now my brother is still asleep, i don't know if the boy is asleep on the couch or gone home but i'm certainly not going in to check.
but i just had to tell somebody because i'm very confused and all i can think of is what. the. fuck.
Thursday: Yes, time for another housewarming party. This one is for Audrey and Seth.
Before the party I take Chewy with me to meet Lavi for lunch.
'Oh wow he's slobbery.' Lavi says distastfully patting his head. I give him a proper rub behind his ears before sitting down at the table with him at my heels.
'How was Sweden?' Lavi says sipping her glass of water.
I sigh.
'Wonderful, but sad. I miss my family.'
Lavi puts her head on one side and pats my hand but I know that she doesn't feel the same about her family and is probably wondering how I can. We order our food from the waitress and I change the subject.
'So, how was London while I was gone?'
She laughs and cokcs her head again.
'Well, you've seen Audrey and heard about her engagement. I've heard Bellamy likes that guy Parker who works in that god awful coffee house accross the street. I saw Andrew out a few nights with his brother. There's a new girl at the boutique called...um, something or other!'
'Oh I think Katya told me her name is Vivianne.' I interrupt.
'Ah Viv, yes. Sweet girl. That's about all I can think of right now.'
'Cool. And what about you?'
'Not much.' she snaps quickly.
I look at her curiously but don't push it.
 'Oh Audrey!' I exclaim when I enter the party. She looks positvely glowing. I carefully place my hands over her stomach.
'Everybody does that!' she giggles.
Andrew and Seth share a patronizing glance before I leave them to greet the rest of the guests.
'You're not tired still Ingrid?' Andrew asks me as we drink.
'Oh no, I'm an excellent flyer. I love travelling.' I grin taking a drink.
'I'm not.' he laughs.
'Well drink anyways!' I laugh.
sorry for the boring story:/
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