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(So lets talk about my set title really quick- okay I didn't know that Gerard did some cover art for Brand New, what the hell they're one of my favorite bands??? And did you know that Frank played as a bassist for a while in The Architects?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS????)

Anyway wow woah simple set because Elaine's lazy. But anyway yesterday night I went to hang out at that guy's place with some other people. It was really fun, we tried watching like 3 horror movies but everyone kept on laughing and getting distracted so we just stopped that. Then we walked to this fro yo place but I didn't know we were planning to go there so I didn't bring any money. But my guy friend got a large cup and we ended up sharing. When we got back home we all kinda dog piled and rough housed at each other (all of my friends are super touchy and rowdy) I got into a tickle war with my guy friend and it was funny as hell. After that everyone else were playing video games while my guy friend and I layed down on the floor and shared ear buds and listened to 21 Pilots. We talked about deep life stuff for a bit but after a while I just started tickling him again and once he lost control I just sat on him. After that everyone just sort of wrestled and dog piled again and it was really fun. Later on the ride home my friend C said that she shipped us because apparently we're very "punk rock together." She asked if I liked him and I just said "I don't know" because I really don't know at all. But last night I realized that if I think about it this much then maybe I do like him?? Hnnnggghhhhghhghgh ughhgghghghh slam my face into a cheese grater please?? I'm seeing him again tonight with my friends. Send life alert, thanks.

On a brighter note, yesterday I started painting for my AP art entry. Look at what I've done so far!! I'm super proud of it!! I'm also kinda proud because I had no idea what I was doing, this is my first time ever painting on a canvas, but it's coming out to look great. Today I added some finishing touches but now I'm waiting for it to dry. The anticipation is killing me, oil paints take more than 16 hours to dry. And today I have to finish part 2 of my AP art entry. The second piece is a huge poster portrait. I'm drawing all the band members of My Chem, with colored fvcking pencils. I mean it's looking good so far but it's taking sOOO LONG. And the first day of school starts tomorrow. I'm procrastinating like a fvcker, I shouldn't even be on Poly right now but I had to get this all off my chest. 

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