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I spent all day trying to write that Grace story and couldn’t. So you get this instead. Hating the set though.

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Verity Jones; July 1

The first of July was not shaping up to be my favourite day of the year. Hunter had gotten me a little bit to hard with his ‘pinch and punch’ and as a result I had a giant bruise forming on my forearm and he was taking the bus in today. Couple that with a 6 am wake up, forgetting to get coffee and working with some new rap artist Cooper thought could use some female vocals who I’d never met before. You could say my morning wasn’t going swimmingly.

“Guess what I got on the weekend?” Shannon cried breaking me out of my thoughts, practically skipping into the studio, waving a polaroid camera in the air. My bet was on the polaroid camera.

“Herpes.” Nick interjected from where he was inexplicably lying on the studio floor. Clever answer that, nothing I’d ever heard before, especially from a teenage boy.

“You’re a gross human being Nick.” Shannon sniffed at him, kicking his wrist as she walked past.

“A Polaroid camera.” I interjected not wanting them to get in a heated argument and add another thing to the list of reasons July was sucking already.

“Yes! Exactly!” Shannon is more excited than I’ve ever seen her in my life. Over a polaroid camera. It’s not something I was going to question.

“We’re very happy for you darling.” Nick drawls, not one to be left out from a conversation, “But what the fu/ck are you planning to do with it?”

“Take pictures moron.” Shannon rolled her eyes sarcastically. Though it was a pretty stupid question, “What are you even doing here Nick?” She scoffed, flicking her long naturally red hair (that I was beyond jealous of) over her shoulder.

“I work here.” Nick answered her in the same ‘duh it’s obvious and you’re a moron’ tone she’d used on him.

“Technically you actually don’t.” I interjected cheekily. Nick had an office at some management firm company thing in the city but was rarely ever there. Said he preferred to be in the studio bonding with his artist or whatever.

“My job required me to be here. Same thing really.” Nick corrected himself, completely dismissing me in the process.

“I mean what are you doing in this studio?” Shannon rolled her eyes, dropping her bag onto the table where mine was currently sitting, “You know Hunter’s not actually in here today, right?” She said condescendingly before kicking Nick in the gut. The poor man doubled over, with the most comically pained expression on his face and Shannon snapped a picture in the process which was probably her plan all along.

“You’re an awful bi/tch.” Nick huffed at her, sounding winded which he probably was.

“Just be thankful I didn’t aim for the balls.” She grinned at him cheekily, flapping the picture in the air to develop it quicker, even though that didn’t actually work, “Also answer the question or even better get out.”

“You mean Hunter isn’t working with Verity today?” Nick gasped in faux shock. Well I’m 99% sure it was faux shock. Hunter was pretty good at his job so he probably knew which studio Hunter was in…right.

“Why am I even working with a rapper?” I asked with a sigh, leaning my head back against the wall with a thump, “I can’t rap. What the fu/ck is Cooper thinking.”

“He’s going for the whole Macklemore sound you know?” Nick answered me knowingly, “Like have singing in the chorus and then rapping in the versus to get more mainstream attention or whatever.”

“Hilltop Hoods coming 4th in the Hottest 100 of the past 20 years would say otherwise.” Shannon interjected. She just seemed to be in the mood for an argument today, or an argument with Nick at least.

“The exception not the rule.” Nick dismissed her with a wave of his hand, “Plus I was just explaining mini boss man’s decision.”

“Mini Boss man?” I snorted with laughter at the Nickname which he would hate, “Just don’t let Cooper here you say that.” I warned.

“Speaking of Cooper.” Shannon grinned at me in that wolfish way that meant she was eager for gossip, “How are things going with him.”

“What things?” I asked

“Don’t play dumb with us girly.” Nick said, sitting up now that he thought there was the possibility for juicy gossip (there wasn’t) “You clearly want in each other’s pants.”

“Forever a charmer Nicholas.” I commented dryly, leaving them hanging.

“Well are you ever going to do anything?” Shannon asked impatiently, “Are you in a secret relationship and not telling anyone.”

“Shannon nothing stays secret here.” I rolled my eyes, swinging my legs backwards and forwards, “If there was any sort of relationship you’ll be the first to know.”

“So you’re saying there could be the possibility.” Nick crowed triumphantly as if I’d inadvertently revealed something secret or monumental or something.

“I’m saying if he ever actually asked me I’d say yes.” I shrugged, picking at my nail beds absentmindedly, “If he actually ever does.”

“That’s awfully anti-feminist isn’t it.” Nick interjected, clearly trying to get a raise out of me since that boy loved controversy and drama.

“Please like you give a rats ass about feminism.” Shannon rolled her eyes testily. She had a point though Nick’s brand of humour could be accused of being misogynistic sometimes.

“And you know I’ve asked boys out before so don’t even try that mister.” I narrowed my eyes and pointed my finger at him warningly, “But this time he can do it.”

“Do what?” Cooper asked curiously from where he’d suddenly appeared in the doorway, a guy I’d never seen before standing at his shoulder (probably the rapper). Well oops, hopefully he hadn’t heard any of that, though actually maybe if he had it’d give him the kick in the pants he needed.

“Actually do his own washing.” I lied smoothly, with a bright grin, “Hunter keeps pissing me off so it’s about time I punished him for it.”

“Kinky.” Nick interjected not as quietly as he probably intended, bringing attention to himself.

“Nick shouldn’t you be with Hunter?” Cooper asked, eyebrow cocked and more assertive than usual, “You know the whole reason you were here.”

“Is he actually here yet?” Nick wondered out loud, pulling himself to his feet with an exaggerated groan “Boy’s always late.”

“And it’s your job as his manager to make sure he isn’t.” Cooper challenge. Seriously why was everyone so argumentative today. 

“Hunter is Hunter. Can’t make him to jack sh/t” Nick shrugged sauntering past Cooper on his way out of the room. Nick being Nick however he had to get one last word in, “Verity however is another story.” He gave a leery wink before leaving.

Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on me, Shannon’s amused and the other two confused.

“Well F/ck” I was going to kill that little sh/t

[ENDING SUCKS AS ALWAYS. SOZ. I’ll start replying to messages now but I might get sent to bed before I’m done :3 ]
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