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Saturday - Since there's finally no school today, we're all going to have a cute little picnic on the campus field. The Billing's girl's will supply the food, and blankets, so just wear your cutest dress.

Since it's getting warmer, (I'm ready for a fuckingg tan), I decided to ditch my New York black style, it's what all New Yorkers wear, to something brighter and more fun to meet the spring style. 

"Well don't you look cute." Noora winked, flashing me a grin. I rolled my eyes at her, as I sat down beside her and the rest of the Billing's.

"Ara, why don't you put that book down, and join us for champagne." I told her, popping open a bottle. The Easton staff prohibited alcohol, but we /were/ Billing's so it didn't matter much.

"Fine, whatever." She said, finishing up her last bits of the page. I poured everyone a glass, and handed it out to them. Five thousand dollar champagne always tastes the best.

"So, how are you and Ben?" Bijou asked me, her eyes crinkling into a smile.

"It's great." I smiled, turning up my face to the sky.

"Friday night you kept going on about how you didn't have s*x with Ben." Noora laughed, followed by Ara and Bijou.

"Shut up, you who*es!" I giggled. 

After we talked for a bit, I told them that I wanted to meet the rest of the Bradwell girls. If Noora was going to force me to vote on which girl I liked best, it would be better to meet them all first. I stood up, and approached four or five girls who were picking at their salad.

"Excuse me. I'm Yas, but you probably already know that. What's all you girls' names?" I asked them, cocking my head slightly.

"I'm Olive!" A pretty girl twilled to me, in a thick accent.

"Hi." I responded dead pan, irritated by all this happiness in Olive.

"I'm Clio, and this is Ro." A normal looking girl smiled to me, and then pointed at a brunette next to her. After all the girls introduced themselves, I decided to stay and talk to them for a bit.

"So how are you and Ben?" A girl, I think her name was Ocean, or some weird sh*t like that. Her voice was sharp, and curt. Like she didn't like me or something.

"We're doing great." I narrowed my eyes at her. Something about her was wrong, I've seen her before, somewhere.

"I'm glad." She shot me an artificial, cheesy smile. Like the one's flight attendants give you, when all they want to do is leave the plane. Then everything clicked into place.

"Oh, so you're the girl who had that 5th grade crush on Ben, right?" I shot at her, as all the other girls gave us nervous glances.

"And you're the bi*ch who swooped in, and stole him. Like where the f*ck did you come from?" She spat back at me, putting one hand on her hip.

"Excuse me, b*tch? I've been friends with Ben way longer than you even laid eyes on him. So take your skinny a*s some place else, because you'll never belong in Billing's." I snapped at her, making her face red. She stomped off, smoke literately coming out of her ears.

"Woah, y'all are some crazy a*s b*tches." Vera joked. I turned to her, and looked her up and down. From her Supercuts haircut, to her dirty vans.

"And who the f*ck are you? Are you a transvestite or something? Because you look like a man." I said, pissed off at these annoying Bradwell girls. Bi*ch mode was on in me, and it's best to stay away at this time.

"Um.." was all Vera managed to say, before she turned around and walked away, clutching her backpack.

"Anyone else want to start a fight with me?" I asked the rest of the girls. They shook their heads, eyes wide.

"Good." I said, rolling my eyes.

"So what can we do to get a better chance to get into Billing's?" A blond girl asked me. I remember her name being Zoey, or Zoelle, or Elle. 

"Well, there isn't rules or a handbook to get you into Billing's. Starting flights will get you noticed, but it will also get you hated. It's best to stand out in any possible way, but don't mess with the existing Billing's girls. Because we never mess with eachother, sisterhood is everything." I told them, finally calming down. They nodded intently, smiling.

"Well, I'll be off. I have to meet the other Bradwell girls." They waved me goodbye, and I walked off, finding another group of girls.

"Hey Jenni." She was the only girl's name I actually remember, which is a good sign of leadership and standing out.

"Hey!" She smiled to me, after putting down her cup. She was sitting next to three girls, each of them giving me a wide smile, like they were about to bow down to me next.

"Introduce me to these girls" I told Jenni, scanning each one.

"This is Noelle," she gave me a half smile, like she was trying too hard to be cool.

"And this is Harper, and Joan." I remember Harper, she was like my little secret minion, finding out the dirt.

"Oh. Hey Maddox." I gave her a knowing look, raising an eyebrow. She smiled back to me. I looked at Joan, giving her a once over. A pair of squeaky clean oxfords shone on her feet, and her plaid tie hung down her chest accompanied by a crisp, white tailored shirt. All Joan did was flick her eyes at me, and then return to smoking her cigarette. Well, what the fu*k was her problem?

I saw Jenni lower her eyes at something, and I saw a figure's shadow stalking behind me. I flipped my head around, to meet the eyes of no one else but Jade.

"Are you stalking me now, or something? Do you have some lesbian crush on me?" I took a step back from her.

"I'm not her for you, you conceded b*tch. I'm here to ask Joan for a lighter." Joan looked up at her, and threw her the black lighter. Jade caught it in one hand, gave a menacing glare at Jenni and I, and walked away. Suddenly, a flurry of bright green's, and blues comes into my view. 

No other than Gretchen Brinks.

"Who died here? How come everyone's like quiet and sh*t?" She asked, flipping her long hair over her shoulder.

"It's nothing." I flicked my eyes at her, unable to take in all the bright colors. She looked like a fuc*ing walking rainbow.

"Kay, whateves." She snapped her bright pink gum.

"I'm out of here." I muttered to myself, bored out of my mind with these girls. I saw another group of girls standing not to far away, so I decided to pay them a visit.

"Excuse me." I said, pushing myself into their view. A red head rolled her eyes at my enterence.

"Who the fu*k do you think you are, fire crotch?" I snarrled at her. Bradwell girls piss me off.

"I'm Brianna." She said, narrowing her eyes.

"And I don't give a flying f*ck." I turned to the other girls. "And you are?"

"I'm Mariam, or Mar. And this is Carson and Poppy."

"Cool." I said. All they did was smile back at me. "Okay, I'm leaving now." I said awkwardly, walking away from them. God, they were boring.

I'm exhausted.

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