I don't like Abercrombie. It's not that their clothes are particularly ugly. Actually, that's part of the problem - their clothes are very normal looking, but you pay 70 bucks just because it's Abercrombie. So I included some Abercrombie shorts, because I would actually wear them... if they weren't $50. And if I fit into them.
For some reason, I also don't like charm bracelets. I really don't understand my dislike of them. I guess it's their clunkiness on my arms or something. I have tiny hands, so sometimes charm bracelets will dwarf them even more. So I used a charm bracelet. And it really doesn't look half bad. Makes me want to reconsider and take out my old charm bracelet again! (It will most likely still fit over my tiny hand.)
And the zebra print is the clutch. It was hard to find something zebra print for this outfit, because a lot of the stuff was black and white. White didn't go with the cream shirt, so I used the clutch because it was black and cream, and not too distracting.
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