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Name? Katie
Age? old enough
Whats your favorite kind of pie? Pizza pie
Whats your favorite band/singer? It changes daily
Favorite fruit? Liberacci ;)
Favorite sport? Like I play sports. lol umm......figure skating i guess
Favorite color? hot pink with silver sparkles, but any shade of pink will do
Favorite hair style for guys? no preference..........yet
Would you ever get tinted windows so you could pick your nose without people seeing you? People do that?
Do you think shampoo bottles should have directions? Is this what our world has come to? That we can't even apply shampoo correctly?
Skinny jeans or flare jeans? Whatever my mood is at the moment
Do you have braces? Unfortch, yes. But only because my brother has them and my parents wanted to make it fair. my teeth are pretty much straight without them. 
What kind of computer do you have? a mac for school and a hp at home
Would you swim the ocean for Brenda? If she's worth it. Nah, probably not. 
Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s dead? Eh. I was more sorry about Farrah to be honest. In my lifetime, I've only known Michael as the pedophile on drugs who changed his skin color because he didn't have confidence in himself. But his earlier stuff and his earlier self are great.
Have you ever been to a concert? Yes
Do you know the meaning of Christmas? Of course! PRESENTS!!! No, not really, I wish. IT's Jesus's birthday!!!
Do you Watch Charlie Brown? Every holiday
Can you apply Mascara with your mouth closed? YES!!! It's one of the things I pride myself on
If you look behind you whats there? two windows. 
Do you brush your teeth daily? Twice a day. 
Do you have any cavities? Nope
Have you ever broken a bone? Yes, I broke my wrist once when I was three
Ever needed stitches? No 
Do you still watch spongebob? What kind of a question is that? Of course I do! 
What time do you usually go to bed? I try for 10 on school nights
Whats your wallpaper on your phone? Me at Godspell
Are you made fun of a lot? Who isn't?
Are you overly truthful? To certain people. I will lie if it makes someone feel better. 
Do you feel bad when you hurt people’s feelings (that aren’t your friends)? Yes, it's heartless if you don't. People are people.
Do you know what 69 means? Yea, it's the number after 68 and before 70. and yes I do. 
Have you ever heard of pon and zi? Don't wanna know
How about happy tree friends? My brother is obsessed
Do you get angry easily? Depends on the circumstance and the person/people.
Do you like the heat? Sure. 
Do you wear glasses/contacts? No, 20/20
Would you ever be seen shopping in limited too? Actually, when I was little, my parents had something against the store so I was that one little kid without something from limited too. go figure. 
Can you do the math 12 x 7 in your head? 78!!!!!! (no jk 84)
Is your hand cramping while taking this survey? Extremely
Do you have a limited time to get ready in the morning? Doesn't everybody?
Do you think having celebrity crushes is weird? Depends on who it is. 
Have you ever met a celebrity? Yes, several
Would you ever die your hair neon green with pink polka dots? Depends on how much someone was willing to offer ;)
Does your school have a dress code? Apparently, but I have yet to see it enforced. 
Are you allowed to listen to your ipod in school? In some classes
Do you even have an ipod? I'm sorry, what year is this? Yes, I do. 
Are you afraid of falling in love? Terrified.
Have you been in love multiple times? No
Do you like harry potter? Yes
Do You still believe in santa? What's not to believe?

Can you count to 100? In three languages. 
Do you like using caps lock? YESSSSSSS
Do you have big hands? no
Do you like guys with big feet? Doesn't matter
Do you like fred from youtube? When I was like 10 I did but now he's obnoxious. 
Do you think it’s crazy that he has shirts at hot topic? Do people actually buy them?
Do you like to do projects? Depends on the project
So what are you going to do after this? continue studying for AP history.
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