01. French braids
If you're doing one in the back of your head, I recommend having someone else help you, but make sure they divide your hair into three sections. (If you're doing two braids at the side, split you hair so half of it is at one side and the other half is on the other, then split those parts into three parts separately) Start at the top of the head, then braid at the top of the head. After that just braid normally!

02. Braided Headband.
Take your bangs or the hair the sits closest to your forehead, and part it to one side. Then pull the rest of your hair back and braid the hair to one side, then clip the end to where it lands! It'll look really cute (:

03. Rasta Braids
This works best with wet hair, since it's thinner. Grab as many hair ties as you can and braid really small parts of your hair all away around your head. It looks cute with a beret too! (;

04. Normal braids
Just divide your hair into two sections, and braid!

Hope I helped some! (:

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