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Okay I have a small list of ideas of what non-smut directions we should do in this rp and would like your guys opinions. Not that smut is bad or not wanted...in fact these might make them more then usual. Oh Ld stop it, stop giving them fan girl shrieking. 

1) Christine- our loved angel friend- in death ripped a bit of the space time causing a small hole in time allowing the past into the future or the future in the past. I have no idea which yet- but seeing the heirs of the Phatomhive and Trancy put shame to the family tree is always fun.

2) Their is a band of murders nicknamed 'Lady Misters' a group of women dressing like men and ruining their good names in acts of violence and lust. Of course- this would mean that both Lord's are a) victims b) will go undercover as females.

3) The affections of Alois and Ceil are found and placed on trial under the queen's court.
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