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sooo lovey made a tip about kissing a bit ago and I wanted to expand on the part about making out so I made this. making out is pretty much kissing except for extended periods of time and more touching, etc. plus most of the time you use your tounge except some people don't so.

there's no exact way to do it and it's kind of vague, so I just put random pieces of advice instead of making it like a guide because it's harder to do. before I got further into my relationship I worried a lot about this so hopefully it'll be helpful.


ಌKnow how far you're willing to go before you start

Honestly, you're with a teenage boy. Not to give you the sex talk but he has hormones and he's going to try to get as far as he can. Know beforehand when you're going to stop and what you're comfortable with.

ಌDon't have a strong tongue

ugh I've heard of people doing this and it sounds gross. don't like poke your tongue really hard into the persons mouth and kind of "flex" it, but don't have your tongue just sitting in their mouth all loose and stuff. It feels nice if you're doing it right, but if you're doing either of those it's weird.

ಌSit down if you can

Laying down is the most comfortable but it's likely it's going to go too far if you are. Standing up is okay but it's easy to lose your footing and when it's more intense you're probably going to want to sit down. When you are, try straddling them because it's just hot that way tbh and they'll probably like it a lot.

ಌIt's okay to stop sometimes

tbh take some breaks in-between kissing. I get a little dizzy if I kiss too long so I kind of cover it up by pulling away and smiling or hugging them or telling them something. If you just need a second to get your breath back, just stare at them and smile. It's kind of cute but also has passion in it.

ಌBe kind of aggressive

More passion = better. You obviously don't want to hurt them but tugging at bits of their hair, GENTLY biting their lip, and kind of scratching them without you know hurting them is intense and guys seem to like it a lot so I would go for that if I were you.

ಌDon't be afraid to try things

If you haven't done something at all, just try it. It's hard to go wrong and just be willing to explore what you can do and be more comfortable with it all. If you're open to things, it's much easier to do things like this.

ಌMake sure he's comfortable

Believe it or not guys can be nervous too. With my boyfriend, we were each other's first kiss and stuff and I can tell he got a little worked up over trying to do things right sometimes because he wants me to like him. It's really cute. Make sure you're at a level that both of you are comfortable at and that he's enjoying it as much as you are. If you have to talk to him about it, talk to him about it. It's nbd and you're just trying to make things right with them.


as kind of a notice I just want to add a disclaimer that I'm not trying to sound skanky. I've had problems with people telling me that and like I'd rather you not since I've been in a committed relationship and I can do what I want, you know?

Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed the tip. thanks for reading.(:

- Zoe Kay
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@polyvore-tipstas only 14 in a few days but I've had a boyfriend for like ever haha. and thank you(:



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