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I just thought I would make a tip on different ways to wear eyeliner...because there are TONS of different ways to wear it. Eyeliner can really change the shape of your eyes and the way you look, so you should experiment with the different ways of wearing eyeliner to find the look that you like best. Here are some looks you can try:

Beginner: Top Lashline ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-01.jpg
What to do:
Apply a kohl pencil liner (like Make Up For Ever Kohl Pencil, $17) from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lashline. Close your eye and pull your lid taut to draw your line. For your first pass, wiggle it in between your lashes (it will make them look thicker), and on your second pass make the line thicker if you want. Then use a small chiseled brush or an angled brush to smudge the line to make it softer. 

Beginner: Brighten Eyes ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-02.jpg
What to do:
When you look like you only slept 20 minutes last night,a great trick to appear awake and bright-eyed is to apply a beige-colored eyeliner (some people use white eyeliner) to your lower inner rim (aka your waterline). With your index finger, gently pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then with your pencil, gently go over your waterline, be careful not to poke yourself in the eye. Try Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener, $18.

Beginner: Colored Bottom Liner ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-03.jpg (the current spring trend is using green eyeliner on the bottom lid)
What to do:
All you need for this look is a long-wear pencil liner in a bright color of your choice. Long-wear liners are usually twist-up pencils, so you can't control the sharpness of the tip, which prevents drawing a straight edge. However, unlike kohl pencils, long-wear pencils will give you bold matte color that'll last for hours. (Try Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, $23.) Apply the liner to just your lower lashline from the inner to outer corners, using short strokes. To pull it into a cohesive look, you can apply eyeshadow in the same color family to your upper lids, but make it two shades brighter. Break up the bright color by applying a thin black line to your upper lashline and apply mascara.

Beginner: Natural Definition ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-04.jpg
What to do:
Applying black liner to your upper rim will intensify your lashline, giving you natural looking definition without the hard edge of a liner. All you have to do is lift up your upper lid, while looking down into a mirror, and apply the black pencil in short strokes.

Intermediate: Smudged Wraparound ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-05.jpg
What to do:
All you need is a black kohl pencil and a flat angled brush. With your pencil, scribble a line along your upper lashline from the inner to outer corners. Line your lower inner rim with the liner as well for instant definition. Then draw a line along your lower lashline until you connect the two lines at the outer edge. With your flat angled brush, smudge the lines out around the entire eye until you've achieved your desired amount of smokiness.

Intermediate: Winged Tip ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-06.jpg
What to do: 
You can choose to do a subtle wing or one more like the late Amy Winehouse's. For this look, you need a good, smudge-proof cream or gel pot. (like Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Creme Eyeliner, $26. For a drugstore alternative, try Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, $9.99.) You should use a pot over a liquid liner for this look, because liquid tends to have a more reflective finish. 
Apply the liner with an angled or pointed brush from the inner to the outer edges of your upper lashline. You want to make your line at a 45-degree angle, starting from your outer corner. Follow the slants of your eyes. Draw the winged tip with eyeshadow first, so that it's easier to erase if you mess up. Then go over the shadow with your cream liner. And to make sure that the wings are straight, hold a business card against the outer corner of your eye to use as a ruler.

Intermediate: Elongated Eye ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-07.jpg
What to do:
For those with close-set or small eyes, you can lengthen the width of your eyes by focusing your liner at your outer corners. Using a cream liner, draw a line from the middle of your upper lashline to the outer edges without winging it. Then apply the liner to the outer third corner of your lower lashline, connecting the tip to the line you made above. 

Advanced: Cat-eye ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-08.jpg
What to do:
 With a cream liner (like Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner, $22), apply a thick line to your upper lashline, extending past your outer corner. Then using short strokes, draw a line from the inner corner of your lower lashline all the way across until you connect to the line on top. You can make the bottom line thicker if you want to have a Sophia Loren look.

Advanced: Double winged Tip ♥
What it looks like: http://images.totalbeauty.com/content/photos/eyeliner-09.jpg
What to do: 
This is one of my favorite eyeliner looks. After drawing your winged tip on your upper lashline, take your cream/gel liner and mimic the winged tip on the outer corner of your lower lashline. First, draw the line for the tip starting from your outer corner and making it parallel to the tip above. Then, line your lower lashline from your outer corner to about half of your lashline. Finally, connect the two endpoints, creating a triangular shape and fill it in. To provide contrast, you can apply a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes on your lower lashline.

Here is a picture of even more eyeliner looks: http://lover-of-makeup.tumblr.com/post/13922149052/the-way-you-apply-liner-can-really-change-the

And those are some eyeliner looks! :) There are so many more out there, so keep exploring for more ideas on how to wear your eyeliner. I hope you liked this tip ♥
-Carrie (@theboholife)

Credit: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/eyeliner-tutorial
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