Dining Room Style

Not everyone has the luxury or need for a separate dining room. Since casual, informal entertaining has become a big trend, many houses now incorporate the dining area into either the living area or kitchen. Sometimes all three combine into one giant open space. Not only are the boundaries between living, cooking and dining blurred, but often, we like to take our dining outdoors. Whether your dining area is a niche in a larger room or its own separate space, you can create a pleasant environment to enjoy your meals with a few easy steps.
First, determine how many people need to sit at the table and whether they have any requirements (height, space).
Secondly, measure your space to see how large a table and chairs you can accommodate. If you need to squeeze a lot of diners into a smaller space, you may want to opt for bench or banquette seating rather than separate chairs. Likewise, a table with its support structure or legs in the center rather than at the edges may be able to allow for more people around its rim. See if you have space for storage, perhaps a buffet or china cabinet.
Third, choose your furniture! Wood or plastic or metal? Upholstered or smooth? It’s up to you! You may want to add a finishing touch: some love ornate chandeliers, others prefer recessed lighting that’s all but invisible, shedding a glow from above.
If you’re looking for some ideas on how to furnish your dining room, browse through these sets that will give you over 100 suggestions! Choose a few favorites or design your own!


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