This is super cute for summer and easy to make! 
Each time you make it it will be unique, no two tanks will be exactly the same. 

Things you will need:
▲A plain tank (no graphics or anything, just a solid color) this can be any -dark- color you want, dark blue, green, red, purple, black, etc. (the bleach doesn't show up well on a "heather grey" type of color, it works best on a solid color).
▲A bucket
▲A place outside/in a well ventilated area and not near any fabric you don't want getting bleached. 
▲Old clothes/clothes you don't mind getting bleach on.
▲A washing machine. 

Time: About 45 minutes. 

Step One: get your tank and cut vertical strips like shown in the picture (these can be as long or short as you want)

Step Two: Make sure your tank is completely dry and prepare your work station. 

▲ Put your gloves on and take your bucket, filling it about 3-4 inches full of bleach, make sure you're in a well ventilated area or outside, the chemicals in the bleach can be very harmful.
▲You want to bleach all of the fringe and a little bit above that, so it creates a look similar to the picture.

Step Three: slowly dip the bottom of the tank in the bleach, making sure it soaks it completely. 

Step Four: Hang outside or in a shower or bathtub, you don't want to lay it flat or else the bleach will bleed up too much (unless you want that look, experiment, you may find that it works well!)

Step Five: Leave it for about 10 minutes to soak in and dip it periodically, making sure it's soaked with bleach.
note: It may take 20 minutes + to completely bleach.

Step Six: Rinse out shirt, and put it in the wash with cold water with regular detergent. Do NOT wash with things you didn't bleach!

Optional: After bleaching you can dip the bleached area in a fabric dye, to create a different color on the bottom! Just follow the instructions on the fabric dye.

Have Fun! This is super cute for summer time!

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xo, Carrie
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