Directioner and im Proud :,)

My name is Atira and Im a very tired Directioner. Everyday i am breing bullied at home and in school because of my love for these boys. Everyone says their gay and faggots and duking eachother in the arse and then claim that their joking to spare my feelings. Its not a joke,its called bullying not only me but them. Tghey are still normal people. Before they were in a band they were five normal boys and nobody said they were gay then. But now all of a sudden theyre gay because theyre famous and are doing getter things with their lives. Then im being called racist because im African-American and prefer them over African-American bands. Im literally on the verge of tears because i have to go through this everyday. I never make fun of any one elses favorite celebrity (except Bieber but hes actuallly cool). Noone said the Backstreet Boys or Nsync was gay. Cant i go through one day without people messing with me.
Im so sick and tired of this :( But i dont regret it. I will never stop supporting the boys or regretting being a fan because i love them and i love other people too. These boys have made me smile in my darkest times and even if they dont know me and very well never willl, they understand me. I dont just like their faces or music, i like them for being real people who dont judge others.
My name is Atira. Im a directioner and im proud :,)

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Wrote three years ago
And what exactly would be the problem if they were gay?

Wrote 4 years ago
Um you do know that a lot of people said that Backstreet Boys and *Nsync were gay...
But this is an awesome collection!

Wrote 4 years ago


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