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Addison Mary Gonzales
Age- 24
Birthday- May 25th
Neighborhood- Upper East
Style- Very bright colors, flats, jeans, totes, and tons of bracelets and bangles. Big earrings!
Icon- Paz Vega, Penelope Cruz
Music- Rap, R&B, Hip Hop. Timbaland, Lil Wayne, T.I., Nelly Furtado.
Food- Spanish inspired foods. Adds jalapenos to everything!
School- James Madison University
Background- Book smart but its also super easy to get along with. Has that witty attitude that makes you think this girl has got it all! Proud of her culture and loves to share it with others.
Model- Christina Caradona
Internship- House Beautiful

001. Past
-Her family, see: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=40659823
-She's from Long Island. 
-Dylan Torres, her best friend since childhood. They went to college together as well. 
-She collects sea shells. She loves beach culture and boogie boarding. She doesn't have the balls for surfing, but one day hopes to learn. 
-As a child she spent most of her time outdoors, and grew an affinity towards plants and flowers. 
-She still sleeps with her stuffed giraffe, Binky. 
-Ever diligent, she was top of her class throughout elementary, middle and high school. 
-She longed to break out of her shell badly. So, upon going to college she changed, she made the change from book worm to party-loving book worm. 

002. Present
-That's her desk that resides a few feet from her bed. It's full of colorful trinkets. A cork board hangs above with clippings of magazines, pictures of friends, and coupons. [Intern pay is shit...] 
-Her parents gave her an iPad2 for christmas and she eats, sleeps, and breathes for it.
-She loves rainy days.
-She loves the idea of being an architect or interior designer. 
-She currently works as an intern for House Beautiful magazine. 
-Addie has a bulldog named Otis, who she loves dearly.
-She's obsessed with purchasing new linens. 
-She adores flats, sea foam green, food [particularly Spanish and Italian.], trashy TV [Jersey Shore etc], sleeping in on the weekends, girly drinks, travelling, spontaneous road trips, bubble baths with a good book, and karaoke. 
- Addie currently lives with a former dorm mate of hers named Bethany Kelly. 
-Addie is single, and looking to change that. 

003. Future
-She is determined to one day vacation in Venice. 
-She dreams of finding a bf and settling down. She hopes to be married by 30. 
-Although she knows it is nothing but a fantasy, she dreams of laying around all day drinking champagne, wearing fabulous clothes and having a lavish staff wait on her. 
-One day, she would love to settle down in Paris. 
-Aside from basic dreams [wedding, good job, etc.] she doesn't really dream of anything tangible for her future. She is more of the "lay-back and deal with things as they come person." She doesn't like planning too much. She feels it just sets you up for disappointment.
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