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  • Discipline - Gemma Box
    Discipline - Gemma Box
    The Gemma Box was named after her designer Gemma Holt, who created this piece for the Italian manufacturer Discipline. The slightly rustic box is made out of one single wooden block – and this is how it looks on the first sight. But there is a whole lot inside of it… The Gemma storage box – the right place for small treasures The specialty of the Gemma Box is the magnet inside of the wood, which makes the box look like a real wooden block – being a perfect place to hide important things in. The wooden top perfectly fits in the wooden notches of the base of the box. The inclined edges of the top also ensure to close safely. The strong grain of the wood, which is extremely visible because of the natural production of the box, makes the objects very individual. The spherical engraving of the word DISCIPLINE on the inside of the top is a decent eye-catcher. It offers the noble hint to the rustic box. Different editions – ash and oak, big and slim The Gemma Box is available in different editions: In bright ash and dark oak wood as well as two sizes. The rustic storage box is suitable for different purposes in the house, according to the size you chose to own. The boxes as are stylish pieces of decoration combined with the different available sizes. Hardly anyone would believe there was something in them.
  • Hem emblem Hem - Peg
    Hem emblem Hem - Peg
    The „Peg“ hooks come out of the walls diagonally, as if there was still a part of them inside of the walls – like a cork. Jonah Takagi designed the simple and still special hooks for the manufacturer Hem. The cylindrical pieces made of ash wood – painted or natural – are easy to clean. The careful processing and the soft surface of the Pegs make it easy to hang clothes or towels with their loops, without tangible resistance. Set accents with these Pegs The Peg hooks look slightly banal when they are isolated. But they look like a little artwork in groups at an empty wall. The different editions in powerful colours look fresh and happy; they give the special something to inconspicuous rooms. Do you want to add more comfort to your bathroom, but there is no space for decoration? Then the Pegs are your solution. They are also wonderfully suitable for small corridors, where there is no space for wardrobes or bit coat racks.
  • Discipline - Drifted Stool
    Discipline - Drifted Stool
    The Norway designer Lars Beller Fjetland, known as Naturalist, created a product that perfectly matches the design philosophy of Discipline with his Drifted stool: Made with sustainable products and a friendly-clear appearance, the Drifted stool invites to look at it before taking a seat. The pure design of the Discipline Drifted emerges by the connection of two natural materials: The frame of the stool consists of ash wood, while the seat consists out of cork. This is how a stool with a warm and comfortable seat emerges, while the frame is kept in the clear traditional Scandinavian handicraft. Lars Beller Fjetland proves that durability mustn’t depend on technology with his Drifted: The nature itself was responsible for the creation of waterproof and resistant materials for this stool. The timeless design of the seat also contributes its part to the stool’s success, since it will delight in many years as well as it does today: Drifted.
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