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Disney academy (the battle of)

This is the academy of Disney where the princesses are style-aware fashionistas. This is the battle of the official Disney princesses. It will be in story mode and have challenges the girls face in their college years., In each season there will be 10-12 contests including the final round. There is 12 princesses and 4 on each team. Each contest will be 2 weeks long and I will try to keep the group active and fun. No one gets eliminated from any contest in this group. But if you miss 3 or more contests without notification to me you will be evicted, There are obvious reasons for this. This is how the point system will work: There will be a maximum of free 50-60 points up for grabs from each contest/round. (How many are available will depend on the round) You get these just by following the contest/round guidelines. There will also be 6 winners of each contest. The points for those go as follows: 1st - 75 points 2nd - 65 points 3rd - 55 points 4th - 45 points 5th - 35 points 6th - 25 points Lastly you will have two opportunities to give the group shootouts: once when you join before the battle begins and a second time before you begin your battle. If you join late there is still 16, points up for grabs if you do it. Each shoutout is worth 8 points so there are 16 points up for grabs in total for that! So your overall points will total up for following the instructions and from if you are/aren't placed. THE AUDITIONS ARE OPEN NOW!!! And will be updated here: Please use the following template to audition ((TO BE UPDATED PLEASE JUST REQUEST TO BE ON A TEAM FOR NOW)) Please also fill out the form there and add it into the description. Then message me telling me you made the set (I don't expect a set because I know this is classed as spam) This part is obligatory. Princesses to audition for: Belle 1. @raspberry-stegosaurus (Jessica) 2. @foreevers (Gen) 3. @emeraldjane (Danni) 4. @fandomoutfits13 Aurora 1. @miss-peytenn-frost 2. @happy-snowman (emerald) 3. 4. Jasmine 1. @shannonparnell (Shannon) 2. @girlwithglitter (Brooke) 3. @jabberwocky164 4. Rapunzel 1. @kaitlyn-228 (Kaitlyn) 2. @shelbyvengeancev (Shelby) 3. @hannablenkenship (Hanna) 4. @yellowflickerheart Pocahontas 1. @fashionismylife1009 (Ally ) 2. @xmichi-chanx 3. @puckleberryslushy 4. @hobbitlover-2012 Ariel 1. @fudge-princess 2. @nerdthegirl (Clare) 3. @queen-mermaid (Evie) 4. @hannah-raes Elsa 1. @the-next-van-gogh (Adhelle) 2. @imagine-disney (Alex) 3. @theresamarie-16 4. @nerdbucket (Kelesy) Tiana 1. @aidyl2000 2. @holly-the-fangirl 3. @rhiannonnecole Rhiannon 4. @legolasluvr Anna 1. @childofolympus (Angela) 2. @rainbowfangjrl. (Audrey) 3. @carousel1039 4. Cinderella 1. @fangirlcollins (Courtney) 2. @mermaids533 (Amanda) 3. @silvinalovesbsbforever (Silvina) 4. Persephone (Snow white) 1. @sherlocked-xo 2. @glam-socialist (Katy) 3. @brownie-bliss-ala-mode-kitten 4. Mulan 1. @nutellamomster13 (Tessa) 2. @annahcat 3. @infiniterps 4. @chocomimicol (Colette) Points so far: nobility99 5x win and 5x completing tasks= 595 - 20 penalty points = 575 Crystalline 2x win and 2x completing tasks = 280points Chocomimicol 5x win and 5x completing tasks = 650- 5,penalty points = 645 points Holly-thefangirl 5x win and 5x completing tasks = 530 points Miss-Peytonn-frost ((left group)) Carousel1039 3x win and 5x completing tasks 525 points Childofolympus 3x win and 5x completed task = 510 points Glam-socialist 3x completed task points Kimmmeo 3x completed task and win = 255 points Raspberry-stegosaurus 6x completed task = 455 - 5 penalty points = 450 points Shelbyvengeance 6x completed task and 5x win = 705 points Hannah-raes 6x completed task and 4x win = 545 points Girlwithglitter 2x completed task = 140 - 10 penalty points = 130 points Rhiannonnicole completed task = 75 points Jabberwocky164 completed 3x task and 2x win = 315 points Puckleberryslushy completed task = 75 points Mermaids533 completed task = 75 points aidyl2000 1x win 1x task completed 110 points Brownie-bliss-ala-mode-kitten 3x win and 3x completion = 410 points
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