Name: Ariel Triton
Clique: Hipsters
Personality: Laid back, dreamer
Fanfic in comments
Ariel Triton slowly walked down the hallway to her Psychology of the Mind. Her thoughts wandering the whole way. She slid into a seat in the middle next to Jazzy. About 11 girls were sitting at desks. "Hmm, small class" she thought as the dreamy blue eyed linebacker came into her mind. Ms. Willow began to drone about how high school was a hard time for everybody and how us girls needed to band together. Ariel looked around the room. Snow White was staring off into the blue, Ping's eyes were glazing, Jazzy was yanking on a piece of blue gum and new girl he hadn't seen before was fiddling with her short brown hair. Ms. Willow suddenly got everybody's attention. "So I have talked to the school and you girls will have to band together and have a sleepover!" Belle French groaned and Rellie murmured "Uh, no" Ms Willow continued "This is a school requirement. You will have a sleepover every other week. This one will be this Friday and let's see who's house it will be at." Ms. Willow stuck her hand into a hat pulled out a name. "Ooh your first sleepover will be held at..."
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