Chapter 11;

Smalls sat on the roof, hugging her knees. It was pretty late, and everyone else was asleep. This was one of those few moments where she could let go of all her worries and gaze up at the stars to reflect.
Sometimes Smalls forgot she was a girl. Most times, she wished she wasn't. Being a boy would have made her life a thousand times simpler than it was, and she wouldn't have to hide. 
Hiding was more than just hair for her. She used to sell in the Bronx in New York City, but the boys were beginning to get suspicious. Once she heard that Pulitzer was moving his business to Film City, she hopped on the train and followed them there. It took awhile to adjust to the new boys, but she had become comfortable around them. These newsboys were sweeter and the closest thing an orphan could get to a family. In a few years, when they began to suspect her secret as well, this move would be so much harder.
Katherine found her out on the first day. If one person could do that, it could blow both her cover and her plan. Smalls shuddered at the thought. They would put her in an orphanage or a foster family, and she wouldn't be Smalls anymore. She would be Laurie Beaumont, a tiny girl who acted like a boy and would never find anyone who liked her enough to keep her.
That's what it had been like the first 6 years in the foster care system. It was either that she was too shy or too boisterous. Whenever she would try to impress them, they would just reject her again. 
Smalls leaned against the railing, closing her eyes. Maybe she could be a girl around the Newsies. They were a nice group of guys, and they might except her. Katherine did, and she barely knew her. Smalls smiled giddily, rocketing up to her feet and turning around.
She lost all of her confidence when she saw Crutchie. He jumped, obviously not expecting to see her there," Smalls? I didn't see ya' there."
"'S why my name is Smalls," She responded in her deep, boy's voice. Laurie knew she was kidding herself as soon as she was face to face with the conflict," What'cha doing up here at this hour?"
"I wanted to get a head start," He replied happily," I also heard someone up here. Usually it's Jack, but today it was you."
Smalls tilted her head, crossing her arms," Technically, it's tonight."
Crutchie laughed and limped closer to her to look over the Film city skyline. Even with the limp, he was taller than her," Ya' know, Jack has told me a lot about this city."
"Knowing Jack, it's all been bad things."
He shrugged," I got myself job selling papes, I've got a bunch of friends that might as well be my family, and I've got a life ahead a' me," Crutchie turned to face her, seeing her troubled expression," Are ya' okay?"
"I'm fine."
The sandy haired boy nodded in interest," So that means that you're deep in thought."
"Well ya' see, I read a story in the papes once about a goy'rl Newsie that got caught and thrown int'a the streets. If there was a goy'rl Newsie here, what would you do?"
Crutchie stared at her quizzically, only speaking up little later," Depends on the goy'rl."
Smalls sighed, knowing that that was basically a nice way on saying,' If she's pretty, we'll keep 'er.' She wasn't pretty or sweet, and she now realized that if she told them her secret, they'd put her back in the foster care system.
He noticed her expression," Smalls?"
"Sorry. It's just that my old'a sis'ta was a Newsie before my parents and 'er died. I found the story and wanted to know what would'a happened if they did find 'er out."
Little did she know it, but both her and Crutchie knew that was a lie.

O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 

Lady's phone rang. Heaving a rather large and irritated sigh, she flipped it open and answered," Hello?"
"It's your mother. I was just reminding you that we were leaving tonight and that your Aunt Sarah is coming over. Can you come over a few times to double check on the baby?"
"Yes, mother."
Her mother hummed in relief," Thank you, Lady. I love you."
"I love you too, Mother. Remind Father that I love him as well, alright?"
"I can do that. Goodnight, Lady."
Lady hung up her phone, contemplating who this Aunt Sarah was. She had never heard of her before, other then when her father was telling her about the baby on the phone. 
Something about this Aunt Sarah gave her a queasy feeling in her stomach.

Sorry for the slow update! I just finished show weekend and haven't had time to write a new chapter in a long time. I won't be posting during spring break unless I get wifi in DISNEY WORLD! WOOHOO! Anyways, I will try to work on it some more! Thanks for reading, and if you want, comment on who you want to see in the next chapter.

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