Name: Cinderella Tremaine
Nickname: Rellie
Clique: Populars
Personality: Head of Populars, Snobby, backstabbing, sweet to one person, mean to next
Homecoming queen. Rellie could see the crown in her mind. Most of her childhood dreams had centered around it. Running against Alice Wonder and Snow, it was completely obvious that she would win. She could be royalty for a night, but homecoming wasn't the only thing on her mind. A new clique was forming. The Reigners. Led by Alice and followed by Kida Altanta and Eilie Owny, they were a serious threat to The Three Princesses' popularity. Rellie cleared that thought from her mind. No way those oddballs could touch them. One good thing was coming out of this. Rellie was certain that Esme would leave them in a heartbeat if they lost this battle. Now for the king, Rellie was going to ask Charles Prince quarterback. She was driving home in her baby blue convertible thinking about the homecoming queen election. Alice had been handing out cookies and drinks today that said "Eat Me", "Drink Me". She pulled up into the driveway. She grabbed the key to the mansion and walked up to her doorway. She opened the door. "Rellie" her stepmother screamed. Rellie sighed as Lady, Drizzy and Stizzy or as as Rellie called them The Terminator, Frizzy and Ditzy, they made Snow look like a intellectual genius. "You left the door unlocked and Lucy got out." "How did the devil cat open the door if it was closed?" There was a moment of hesitation. Rellie had the upper hand for 25 seconds. Then The Terminator mentally drowned Rellie mentally "Well anyway, you cannot go to homecoming unless you find a way to get a dress without this." Ditzy held up Rellie's Vuitton wallet and ripped it in half. "Looks like you're not going to homecoming after all!"
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