Name: Esmeralda Gypsäe
Nickname: Esme
Clique: Populars
Personality: Snob, follower
Rellie, Esme, and Snow walked into English Literature. "Did you see what Ping was wearing? I mean pandas? Animals are so last spring." Esme nodded. She noted the way. Rellie's bun stayed in place as she bounced into English Literature. "Oh My God" Esme gasped as her mascara eyes scanned the cluttered desk. A bunch of books covered Ms. Gudmothare's desk. The girls slid into 3 desks in the back. "This semester, we will be studying the tales that you grew up with. I expect a full essay from each of you with the summary of your story, a decoding of your story, the moral, your favorite character, a retelling of it in modern day, what this story means to you and how it shall impact your life. It has to be at least 60 pages long. Any questions?" No one raised their hand. Ms. Gudmothare began passing out books. Esme looked at the heavy leather bound book on her desk, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She sighed. Rellie turned to her and mouthed "Cinderella? What are we? 5?" Everyone walked out of class sighing. Esme checked her schedule. Psychology of The Mind. "Stupid Class" she murmured as the Three Princesses strutted off to their next class.
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