Disney princesses and other fictional characters as people

@darkcat THE PROFILE WHEN YOU CAN VIEW SETS WITH THIS CHOICES! PLEASE FOLLOW! :)This is a gallery with my choices of celebrities envisioning the fictional characters. I'm planning to create a new profile only for sets of fictional characters. Look for further info. If you get an idea from this collection please pay me credit by tagging me in the description of the set you made. Enjoy :)
1. Candice Accola as Cinderella
2. Tabrett Bethell as Aurora
3. Emlia Clarke as Rapunzel
4. Bridget Regan as Snow White
5. Penelope Cruz s Esmeralda
6. Emmy Rossum as Belle
7.Evanna Lynch as Alice
8. Sydney Tamiia Poitier as Tiana
9. Rachel McAdams as Ursula
10. Anne Hathaway as Red Riding Hood
11. Vanessa Hugeons as Pocahontas
12. Grace Park as Jane
13. Elena Satine as Ariel
14. Aishwarya Rai as Jasmine
15. Bryce Dallas Howard as Megara
16. Zhang Ziyi as Mulan


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@ukari that means a lot, thanks dear :)

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This is great you have done great work picking people for this

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@a-k1234 and @tamaramasc thank you darlings it was a really hard work :D

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Love it❤

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awesome! :))


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