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i found a survey tumblr blog and so i decided 2 do one (i tweaked a little bit of it)

name your favorite…
-place: i dont have one

-person: my twin sister jasmine @monsterfangs

-color: i think green

-food: probably blueberry muffins

-smell: blueberry stuff or fabric softner

-movie: either mrs. doubtfire or the school of rock

-music artist: solo artist is probably nicki minaj not even joking. favourite band is fall out boy.

-genre of music: lol srsly dont talk to me about genres

-genre of literature: i luv books about teens/ young ppl. theyre v v v important

-magazine: it use to be ap magazine bc i use to luv that type of music they print but i dont really have one anymore

-texture: like do u mean of any texture on earth. including nature, textile, food etc??? idk anything fluffy or like sand

-time of day: the afternoon between 2 and 7

-day of the week: thursday

-thing to do when bored: delete photos off my phone so it stops telling me its at capacity

-celebrity: mindy kaling

-class in school: i luvd visual arts

-website: polyvore or putlocker

-drink: water

-animal: cats bc i luv my cats

-flower: dont really think about it soz

-tv show: the mindy project

-sound: mad soundz

-fruit: oranges

-vegetable: corn

-store/shop: i dont have one

-article of clothing you own: currently this blue jacket i bought from kmart for only $12

-pattern: 'hawaiian'

-name: emily, emile or rose

-potato chip flavor: plain like me

-meal of the day: breakfast

-ice cream flavor: splice

-soda: it use to be orange but i dont drink fizzy anymore bc its really bad for u

-popcorn flavor: cheese

-season: autumn

-month of the year: march/ april

-word: amaze

-disney princess: belle

-insult: dont really have one cause thats mean

-cussword: fuk

-letter: e

-eye color: i have brown eyes so brown?

-dessert: cake

-candy: gum

-flavor: orange

-thing to learn about: political art

-thing about yourself: i dont let ppl treat me badly

pls do this!! it's ok if u don't want 2 tho
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