District One

Anything BUT Luxury.
These are all of the people I may mention.
  • District 1
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    "We fight.
    We try to win.
    But we can't.
    Our damn hearts get in the way." — @galaxykitten
    District 1 is one of the wealthiest districts of Panem. Its primary industry is manufacturing...
  • Pretty Little Liars - The Official Site - Page 2
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    "Asa Marx||78th Games
    Age: 17COD: Pushed down tree
    Why?: Paranoia driven lover
    Crush: Morgana" — @galaxykitten
  • RED Album Art Taylor Swift
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    "Morgana Icewald|| 78th Games
    Age: 16
    COD: Suicide
    Why?: Too many people she killed, going insane, misses Asa
    Crush: Connor and Asa" — @galaxykitten
    The Official Website for recording artist Taylor Swift. Features tour dates, Taylor's blog, fan forums, online store and more!
  • Tumblr- ADAM YOUNG
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    "Skylar Marx|| 80th Games
    Age: 17
    COD: Still Alive....
    Why?: ^^
    Crush: Tiki and Reyna" — @galaxykitten
  • ginautumn
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    "Reyna Addams||80th Games
    Age: 17
    COD: Still alive....
    Why?: ^^
    Crush: Jace and Skylar" — @galaxykitten
    Ms Bonnie Wright's lovely warm look.
  • Pictures & Photos of Dakota Goyo - IMDb
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    "Luca Reynolds
    Age: 1O
    He's my planned character for the next games. xD
    {Morgana's Cousin, barely knew each other}" — @galaxykitten
  • Taylor Momsen NYLON Stardust and Sequins
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    "Angel Cochran
    Age: 16
    She's my planned character for the next games, Reyna's best friend.
    Apart of what D1 called the "R.E.B.A.L.L.S" spelled like that because they had more balls than you." — @galaxykitten
    Cause I like Gossip Girl and I like her... - S x D Source?? tfs i think sorry i forgot let me know if it's yours... + youtube/Nylon magazine
  • Dakota Fanning
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    "Tiki Icewald
    Age: 15
    Morgana's beloved little sister, all grown up." — @galaxykitten
  • Jeremy Renner
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    "Mr. Jeremy Marx
    Age: 49
    This is the Marx daddy. The blacksmith, very overportective." — @galaxykitten
    Twenty-four-year-old Armie Hammer scored a sweet breakout role (and
    earned lots of buzz) as the multimillionaire identical twins Cam eron
    and Tyler Winklevoss in The Social Network. (They sued Face book
    CEO Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly
  • Ella Montgomery Pic
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    "Mrs. Alyssa Marx
    Age: 47
    This is the Marx mom. She protected her boys so well, at least she thought. But their hearts corrupted them." — @galaxykitten
    The text messages just keep on coming. Even Aria's mom is not immune to receiving them.
  • Pinterest / Search results for katie mcgrath
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    "Kylee Marx
    Age: 22
    This is the Marx Family's big girl" — @galaxykitten
  • Hailee Steinfeld National Teen Driver Safety Week Kick-Off!
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    "Violet Marx
    Age: 14
    This is the little girl Marx. She is really shy, but one of Tiki's best friends." — @galaxykitten
    Hailee Steinfeld looks stylish at the kick-off for National Teen Driver Safety Week on Monday (October 15) in Los Angeles. The 15-year-old actress is the Mercedes-Benz…
  • Asa Butterfield
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    "Claude Marx
    Age: 9
    The baby Marx. He was Asa's secret favorite, then Skylar." — @galaxykitten
    View photos of Asa Butterfield on IMDb!
  • Cody Simpson Music News & Info | Billboard.com
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    "Connor Crane
    Age: 18
    Morgana's boyfriend back in district one, who she loved very much." — @galaxykitten
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee
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    "Samson Crane
    Age: 15
    The boy both Marx boy volunteered for. Tiki's boyfriend, really sweet" — @galaxykitten
    Kodi Smit-McPhee, Actor: The Road.
  • An image of Avril Lavigne
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    "Ellephant "Ella" "L-Uh" Hayes
    Age: 16
    Apart of the "R.E.B.A.L.L.S." This girl was one of Reyna's best friend." — @galaxykitten
    Watch videos & listen free to Avril Lavigne: What The Hell, Complicated & more, plus 4344 pictures. Avril Lavigne was born in Canada on September 27th, 1984. She spent the majority of her life growing up in the small town of Napanee, Ontario, Canada. Her music is a mix of rock, teen pop and pop-punk. Avril started off singing country songs for amateur producers in her home town. At the age of 14 (1998), Avril won the chance to sing with award winning singer, Shania Twain, in front of 20,000 people. Shortly after Avril realised she wanted to follow her passion for music, and dropped out of school to move to New York. There she sang for L.A. Reid once word got around that a small town girl from Canada had moved to the city in search of a music career. Once Avril demonstrated her then raw musical skills and vocals, she was instantly signed. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at Last.fm.
  • How should I cut&dye my hair?
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    "Bianca Sherman
    Age: 16
    She is the "B" in REBALLS. Bianca is very outgoing, and sometimes ruder that Reyna." — @galaxykitten
    What kinda hairstyle should i get? (These may not be hairstyles you like, but PLEASE just choose ones that you think will look okay on me, thanks!) ^-^
  • Latest Emo Hair Styling Ideas
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    "Lilypad "Lil'" Berkawits
    Age: 17
    Oldest of the REBALLS and very imature. She dyed her hair a million times, that no one remembers it's original color. She calls Reyna's hair Virgin hair for lack of dye." — @galaxykitten
    Dyeing your hair black or in the colors of the rainbow might be just the first step towards sporting a signature Emo look. However this time you'll also have the chance to try out the latest Emo hair styling ideas that would polish your beauty skills and load you with endless ideas to sport your locks. Make each day a special event by wearing your strands into a versatile design and take advantage of the rich texture as well as length of your hair with the following tricks.
  • Красиви жени със светли очи и тъмна коса / Beautiful girls with light eyes and dark hair » Biskvitka.net - Първият Български Портал За Развлечения
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    "Laced Jones
    Age: 16
    Born in D5, then moved to D1 at age 13. Very dark, rarely talks, but when does, really squeaky voice." — @galaxykitten
    Помните ли подборката Красиви момичета с червени коси, която ви показах в началото на миналия месец? Сега ще ви покажа момичетата със светли очи и тъмна коса ... Кликни на снимките за увел
  • Party Rainbow Hair Highlights Scene Girl Hairstyles pictures
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    "Shimmer Goldsburg
    Age: 16
    She used to live in the Capitol, and is super rich. Lies a lot, and is probably the worst kid of the REBALLS." — @galaxykitten
    The faddish party rainbow hair highlights look simply stunning for all occasions. Have this hair coloring option at hand when craving for a dramatic change in your do.

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