tagged by: @wolfchildsarah to tell her about my favorite book.

well, here it is. the chocolate war by robert cormier.
for those of you who haven't read it, it's about a boy who refuses to participate in the annual school chocolate sale. & i've always told myself that if i ever stop being a lazy bum and actually tried to write a book, i'd never have the hero win. and that's exactly why i love the chocolate war. the hero of the story gets the tar beaten out of him, and the so-called 'antagonists' get off pretty much scot-free. not to mention it's brilliantly simple, but still somehow entertaining. (:

so there you go. i'm tagging the following people to tell me about their favorite books:
@skycastle , @maia-is-hyper , @hufflepuffpygmypuff , @kokolili223 , @lara-224 , @lacas , @itsfridayiminlove , @realeyesrealizereallies , @raffaella , @maisonhayes .
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